Rip Cord (1984)

The 1984 Joe series really took the line’s concept to the next level. In terms of  breadth of  characters, accessories and styling, it was the second year in a row that evolved the line into the blockbuster it became.

Rip Cord is a perfect example of Joe’s evolution. While the previous year presented an airborne specialist, ’84 gave us the next level of specialty in a HALO jumper. I’ll admit that as a kid, Rip Cord’s purpose was a little lost on me, particularly due to his look. The jumpsuit he wears just didn’t seem as battle ready compared to Airborne’s togs. It seemed puffy looking and unexciting, and more akin to a flight suit than combat fatigues. Rip Cord was cool when imagining him dropping high from the sky and chuting in at a low level, but once I imagined him fighting it out on the ground next to guys like Gung-Ho and Recondo, I wasn’t enthused.

The comic put that image to rest, and that’s where I wished for a different look for the figure. Rip Cord was such a central character during the Cobra Island story arc, and his figure seemed like a departure from his comic portrayal. The face was the biggest difference for me. While the comic Rip Cord had classically chiseled features, the figure had a rounder face, and appeared to be older as well.

The accessories and weapon however were and still are excellent. Even in this era of hyper realism, removable gear and ultra-tiny accessories, Rip Cord’s parachute pack, helmet and rifle still stand out as some of the best pieces of Joe gear.


  • Easily one of my favorite figures ever. I loved the 1984 series and Rip Cord was one of the sweetest offerings that year. I thought his file card made him sound truly badass, especially the part about our not wanting to know what he did once he hit the ground. I remember losing his awesome rifle in the tall grass behind our house not long after getting him. Rip Cord has it all going for him: Green camo suit, removable helmet, mask, and a parachute pack which anticipated the web gear used for the modern line. Rip Cord is a bona fide classic for me and always will be.

  • Grab bag gift in 6th grade. Yeah, i love this fig!!

  • I want to like Rip Cord, but for all the reasons you’ve listed I never have. Saw a guy whip some Flint lower legs on him, and that helped. If it weren’t for the Marvel comic story arc between Rip Cord & Zartan, I probably wouldn’t have the figure at all.

  • I Love This Figure! 1984 was such a great year for Joe.

  • Probably the last vintage Joe I bought back in the day. I bought him only because I thought he’d make a better looking Skystriker pilot than Ace.

  • BrandoNixon – 84 ruled, you are so right!

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