Proto-Renegades from 1987 Dealer Catalog

Many of the figures pictured in dealer catalogs are early mock-ups or prototypes. Case in point today are the Renegades from 1987. Whether it’s the hand painted or rough head sculpt aspects of the figures, a peek into the production process is always interesting to see. Mercer in particular looks quite a bit different from his final version.

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  • I’ve heard in various places over the years that the Gyro Viper helmet was meant to be Mercer’s Viper helmet. But, the helmet isn’t close to fitting the production Mercer head. However, seeing this, I wonder if the rumor may have more credence and the helmet was meant to fit on the early proto heads. However, the helmet was abandoned and Hasbro, free of this constraint, improved the Mercer head.

    Be interesting to know for sure.

  • The details on these make them slightly more appealing to me. In particular, Mercer’s pistol on his vest looks much better scaled than his final version. Also wish they’d kept Taurus’s rolled up sleeves. They’re surprisingly uglier than the final figures, too, and that could’ve worked for the Renegades.

  • Struck me as odd they were supposed to distinct individuals, but Mercer and Red Dog have similar color schemes, making Taurus seem the odd man out.

  • Dak the Knomadd

    Mercer looks a lot less like Beavis here. He almost looks a bit like a cross between Jeremy Renner & Peter Lorre, might just be me that thinks so, though.

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