• Where all the “toxo” theme started…

  • Granted they are not wearing appropriate camouflage but the Toxo vipers are probably glad to not be in a sewer

  • Such a huge helmet – how was it so tight on Sean Collin’s head??

  • @Skymate
    The Toxo-Vipers were meant (at least the 1988 versions) to produce a toxic environment on the battlefield, which presumably meant only they could attack in or perhaps to put up a toxic firewall to protect areas from Joe invasion or to divert them into a trap. In such an environment, especially if smoky, camouflage wouldn’t make too much difference. Of course, I always thought Toxo-Vipers would be suitable for patrolling volcanic tunnels and other areas that might be filled with toxic gases (naturally).

  • Nicely done I’m always a big fan of practical effects that is nice to see when someone does that I much prefer it to Photoshop

  • The Toxo Viper may not be the greatest figure ever, but seeing them in the wild, en masse is still pretty cool. The smoke effects and all are also really well done. I’d love to see more dios like this as it really is a dying art.

    You have all the pack/hose/gun combos set up backwards from the way I’ve always done it.

  • @LittleBoa
    Thanks for the tip. I thought they were sewer combat specialists due to something I misread some years ago

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