Pathfinder (2004)

Pathfinder found his path to the modern GI Joe releases twice in the early 2000s. he was included first with the 2001 AWE Striker sans weapons. I assume he was chosen due to his uniform, as its nicely nondescript when given a subdued paint job. I do miss the orange and green camp however. No nice pants this time around.

His second appearance, with only a small paint detail difference on his belt, was a part of the multi-figure VAMP set. This time, he came with all of his weed clearing gear. I know, I know–he’s meant to be a path clearing and jungle type specialist, but his gear looks like a high-powered set of lawn maintenance tools to me. Now that I look at it again, I think this set of weapons would really suit a Cobra character (Turf-Viper?)

Again, this figure in a simple color scheme is nicely basic, and therefore suited to any number of uses, from regular duty to undercover work. He’s so plainly attired that I think he’d make a cool partner for Chuckles. The dark glasses fit the CID man profile.

Pathfinder (2004)

Pathfinder (2004)

Pathfinder (2004)


  • He really looks like Jim Jones.

  • He was kind of cool when released in 2001. He was a surprise mold and the coloring hadn’t been too played out. Getting him again in the VAMP was a bummer, until I found he came with the gear. That made him so much better. I would have liked a little more contrast between his shirt and vest, just to make him pop. But, this is a nicely done repaint.

  • Anyone else think his eyebrows need work?

  • Anyone else find it funny that Garry Chalk [who voiced Pathfinder and Metalhead in the DIC series] also voiced the gorilla in the ‘Stuck on you’ episode

  • Garry Chalk also voiced Optimus Primal, the gorilla transformer in Beast Wars

    The cutter/weed-whacker may look like lawn care equipment, but those hip/backpack mounted guns are pretty awesome. The paint job definitely could’ve used a little more contrast.

    • That’s what I was hinting at. Garry Chalk also voiced an ape mutant mobster on that tmnt show in the late 90’s. Garry Chalk spent most of the 90’s, voicing various apes

  • Good figure awesome accessories!

  • The weed whacker is still a stupid accessory, but this is the best version of Pathfinder I’ve ever seen. The toned-down colors really help to bring out some personality.

  • So, is it o.k. to say that this figure, and the A.W.E. Striker that it came with, are both part of the G.I. Joe Night Force subset? Except of course, that this Pathfinder’s (Night Force) A.W.E. Striker did not came with bright red missiles, machine guns, or any other pieces that attach to it, like the 88, and the 89, vehicles, planes, boat, and hovercraft, did. Which by the way, every single time that I see a photo of any of those classic vehicles, they remind me of the 86 Stun, and the 86 Night Raven, because of those two colors, the black, and the bright red. Also, wasn’t this Pathfinder, and it’s A.W.E. Striker, a Toys R Us exclusive boxed item? Because, if it was, then wouldn’t that be another reason for these two items to be part of the Night Force subset? Or at least, to somehow be considered part of it? Me personally, I consider this figure, and it’s A.W.E. Striker to be part of the Night Force. I just hope that I’m not the only one that does. Also, a Night Force o-ring repaint of the 87 Chuckles figure, would have been a great figure that the Hasbro folks, or the collectors club folks could have made, instead of that terrible 2007 Chuckles, which looks like a cheap knock off that could have been put together by Funskool.

  • It was great to get all the gear with this version. I really like that.
    I still like the original 1990 coloring more. The all dark gets kind of gloomy. The jungle adventure should have some color.

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