Outback (1993)

Outback (1993)
This more subdued color scheme followed up the Battle Corps’ repackaging of a planned (and colorful) Eco Warrior Outback. I don’t recall if either version was difficult to find, as the last two years of the Real American Hero line lingered on shelves in my area.

When Outback was revealed as part of last year’s con set, I was hoping we’d get a modern version if this hard hat wearing iteration of the Joe team’s top survivalist. The mold hasn’t really screamed Outback to me, probably because it’s so different from his familiar and iconic 1987 version. This figure looks more like a forest ranger, or even a combat engineer than a survival specialist. Perhaps the forester was a part of the Eco Warriors design, the ultimate “tree hugger” for its time.

The 1990s file cards really broke down the accessories and mold details of the figures with a handy-dandy call-out section at the bottom. Some of Outback’s notable embellishments: a bulletproof canteen, metaloid (whatever that is) hardhat, and personalized wool hiking socks. I guess he’s embroidered his name so he doesn’t lose them come Joe laundry day.

OUtback (1993)


  • I always thought this version of Outback looked more likely to climb up a pole and fix the telephone line.

  • This was my first Outback figure. I bought this off the pegs probably in 1993, or early 1994, and I don’t think it was until 2009 that I had a 1987 Outback figure in my collection. (both since gone….) I wanted to see if I could pick just one Outback over the other, and the 1987 figure was picked.

    I think this head sculpt with the helmet is great in that it embellishes Outback’s mountaineering skill aspect. In that regard, I think this Battle Corps take adds to Outbacks talents.

    Past the colors (which I didn’t really dislike) the rest of the design is just kind of boring. Shirt, pants, boots with fancy liners, and suspenders with a correctly placed knife and horribly placed canteen (which should have been a camel back style pouch….), that’s pretty much it. At least Bazooka (’93) had some really interesting relief detail. At least Outback’s forearms have some wrap and gloves, that part I like.

    And what can you really say about the accessories anyway with Battle Corps trees? I think you chose my favorite rifle to add in here (the ’88 hit and Run rifle…).

    This figure still had a lot of play time here, though, despite not getting picked to stay.

  • This might have made, with different coloring, for a Battle Corps Tollbooth.

  • I have both v1 Outback and this one. The original is a great figure. This one is a little….odd

  • This Outback looks like the gun he’s wielding should be a rivet-shooting gun, either that or a giant axe or chainsaw because he’s a lumberjack. The colors aren’t bad, especially by 1990s GI Joe standards (much better than the ex-Eco Warrior ‘original’).

  • I always wished they had switched the colors on the shirt and pants, as well as on the gloves and armbands.

  • I’ve got quite the fondness for the original Outback(and Night Force)… been thinking about picking up a Battle Corps version… he really does have a “Forest Ranger” feel.

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