Open ‘Til Midnight!

If I hurry, I can pick up a Ghoststriker–40 bucks?! Man, the Toys R Us markup is ridiculous even when you time travel! And hey, they didn’t even bother to put the missiles on it.


  • I never knew they used the Thunder Machine mold again

  • Reminds me of when TRU actually cared about their customers.

    The tripple T tank, Dragonfly, Dreadknock cycle, Badger, 1992 HQ playset and cobra hydrofoil [cant think of its name off the top of my head] were all repainted for the street fighter line.

  • I’d buy that “D.E.F. Shark”!

  • Geez, $40 for that piece of crap? In 1991ish dollars? No wonder I’d stopped buying vehicles at that point.

  • It was the electronics that development forced the designers to incorporate in the X-16 that made it so expensive (and bulky). I see what they were going for, but sometimes you’ve got to accept your toyline limitations (GIJoe doesn’t need electronics). The Shark 9000 doesn’t seem like a bad deal, though.

  • @Skymate
    It was the Paralyzer tank, Toxo-Lab, Thunder Machine, and Badger that were repainted for the 1993 Street Fighter sub-line. The Dragonfly, 1992 HQ, VAMP Mk II, Snow Cat, and Dreadnok Cycle were repainted for the movie line the following year.

  • It was the electronics that development forced the designers to incorporate in the X-16 that made it so expensive (and bulky).

    Making it a two-seater didn’t help the overall tubby look, either.

  • @Acer
    Thanks for the intel. I remember seeing all the street fighter II stuff [heavily discounted] in woolworths back in December ’95 but i didnt know there were two different lines of it.

  • The Ghoststriker was hands down one of the coolest Joe vehices ever. The electronics may have influenced the look and price, but they were worth it. The handle was awesome and shooting down projected Cobra planes was tons of fun!

  • BTW this is a protype in the pic. That is why there are no missiles. It had a working launcher under the wing where that gray piece is.

  • And for some reason Duke’s elbow yells “Rock N Roll”

  • Or his gun. It might be his gun yelling.

  • The Ghostriker X-16 is growing mighty pricey nowadays. I’ve owned it twice in the aftermarket era. Sold the first, definitely keeping the one I have now. It’s got a bulky, Lanard-ish design but it’s also a two seater and the electronic targeting sights are a unique concept for a vintage Joe vehicle.

  • Not sure about Ghoststriker pricing, but seeing GI Joe cardbacks from then still with pricetags and Transformers boxes & cardbacks likewise, Toys R Us and Child World/Children’s Palace actually tended to have the cheapest prices around (along with Best and some chain that used to only be around Boston before closing in the 1990s). $40 I believe was Mobile Command Center territory and about $10-15 under the Terrordrome.

  • Never had the chance to see a Ghoststriker in person myself, but if everyone considers that vehicle selection is slim now it makes sense to me that later arah line vehicles are going to be getting more attention.

    Skystrikers, Rattlers, Conquests, Night Ravens…., all huge. I’d say the Hurricane is pretty huge, too.

    A Ghoststriker would be pretty cool for a big GIJoe collection, I think it would fit right in with the newer Thunderwing jet in the lineup!

  • the $40 price tag is why I never bought the Ghost Striker. (And likely why they were still readily available at TRU’s in my area in early 1996.) I got the Shark 9000 on clearance for half that price. I figured $10 for a figure I didn’t have was worth it. But, once I got the vehicle, I realized it was really good. Too bad we didn’t get a repaint of it in the 2000’s.

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