Once Again, Kamakura


Continuing in my look back on the march to 1,000 posts, here’s another that stuck out when I was perusing the older entries. The Rise of Cobra didn’t leave me with a whole lot of figures I’d call all-time favorites, but Kamakura comes close. I think he was also an inspiration for Nice Pants Week. Take another trip in the JAD Wayback Machine and check him out here.


  • I cannibalised nealry all my R.O.C stuff to make into customs. It was no real loss as the first wave stuff shelf warmed chronically down here. This turned out to be a bit of a blessing in disguise for me though. With no new products being relesed here since 2009, i have a big affection for what i have now in my collection. Collecting G.I.JOE figures [especially ARAH ones] has replaced collecting Transformers as my hobby.

  • @Skymate
    Hopefully you didn’t abandon the TF’s you already had….

    This Kamakura is one I hope to get at some point. He really does look like a good figure.

  • This is probably the best look I’ve seen so far for Kamakura. The olive green drab doesn’t quite work on a ninja.

  • The head looks like it would be good for a red ninja.

  • @Acer
    Oh no, i havnt abadoned Tf’s or Starwars or 40K. Transformers and Gijoe have simply swapped places on my pecking order list. Transformers are very easy to collect here so if i’m at a collectors fare, i will give priority to any A.r.a.h stuff i come across as its becoming harder to get down here.

    I would be adding more Transformers to my collection if i could find someone who wasnt Bumblbee or Laserback

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