On the 3rd Joe A Day of…well, you know

It’s day three of our Twelve Days of Christmas celebration, and though there aren’t any French hens today, there are three wheels. And one of them is a saw blade.

Something this bat-excrement insane just begs for a second look. Check out the Lanard Corps! Chopper Trike. I promise you won’t be sorry you did.


  • I had several of these as a kid. I didnt particulaly like them as they didnt really fit in with my Joeniverse but they were a cheap substitute for Dreadknock vehicles.

  • Back in about 83-ish, did any of you get that green battle tank that opened into a figure carry case? It was sold at K-Mart. It was another cheap GIJoe add-on accessory. I played with that thing until it fell apart. It lasted me maybe 3 years of hard play which is impressive for a knock off toy.

  • @Vaughn Allen
    I’m not sure if were on the same page. But the Woolworths in my old town used to sell these Joe/CORPS scaled tanks. which were too- well built for knock-offs.

  • It’s a deadly Big Wheel. Great for the grade school terrorists.

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