Night Raven Art

The Night Raven was such an impressive toy, it really didn’t need an amazing piece of box art to help sell it. The clean painting is even more striking. Here’s hoping Hasbro sees fit to supporting the release of great toy art like this. It’s fantastic to see the fans take the initiative when it comes to this sort of thing, but imagine what Hasbro might have in their vault to share. It’s a treasure trove of history waiting to be curated.



  • Looks like the Stato Viper is a little different than the final version. The aerodynamics would be limited by flying with the bomb compartment open, but what a cool way to show off a forgotten feature of the plane? Finally, I always used the missile pods differently. I thought they held the missiles which could fire independently. Seeing them flying inside the pod just seems odd to me.

  • ”Cobra Raven ,Cobra Raven.There’s no haven from the Cobra Raven.Two twin jet engines,twin machine guns, Drop -down missile port,Retractable Landing wheels,that’s not all.Drop -down cockpit,with detachable scout drown,and it’s on the look out for G.I.Joe”. Anyone who is a former child of the 1980’s, will remember this commercial jingle from Hasbro.No one,and I mean, NO ONE, could just walk by this collector’s gem , at the local toy store(Kay-Bee’s Sears , JCPenny’s,Toys R’ Us,etc..) ,and completely ignore it.It gave the impression, it was beckoning to you and said, ”Buy Me”.If there is anyone who received this #1 item , for Christmas 1986 ,will testify by saying -YES-I got what i wanted -Thank You, Thank You, Santa!!” ”When I first saw it myself , I told my Dad -”That is the #1 item I really want for both-My birthday/Christmas, and he said -O.K., You got it.” ”I bear-hugged him right then /there.”

    • I don’t remember if I ever saw the original Night Raven at the store when it was still out. I did see the Sky Patrol version years later at Toys ‘R Us and I still have no idea why I didn’t just buy it. And on the subject of Christmas 1986, thank God I got Eternia.

  • The SR-71 was intended to have a detachable drone as it was impossible to give the craft a weapon. The engineers gave up as the drone had trouble exceeding the SR-71’s speed

  • Just a beautiful painting of a fantastic toy! Got rid of mine a few years back and regretted it, so I bought a replacement. Yes it’s big, but when it comes to machines, the Night Raven is in a class of its own.

    • ”You are So right, that this fantastic vehicle is in a class by its own, especially,when you happen to pick it up, and hold it with Both Hands.It is extremely Big.”

    • ”You are So right.that this fantastic vehicle is in a class by its own,especially,when you happen to pick it up,and hold it with Both Hands. It is extremely Big /Awesome.”

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