Night Force Starduster (2017 Black Major)

A few years ago, I never would have expected an embarrassment of Starduster riches. I was fortunate to be buying Joes in the early 2000s when the original version was much cheaper, and I was jazzed when a couple other versions came out during the 25th Anniversary years. While it was great to get the character in the modern style, I still preferred the o-ring figure.

Last year, Black Major dropped several variations of Starduster, done up in classic Joe sub-team colors. We even had a choice of Recondo or Duke torsos. Like I said: an embarrassment of riches. The Night Force version is a sensible addition, though I wonder about the ability of a jet pack to operate in a clandestine mission. Maybe the Joes have worked out an anti-grav system.

The color scheme meshes well with the existing Night Force figures, and the unique Starduster camo is particularly interesting to see in this new format. Since the JUMP can be seen as technically a vehicle, one can swap the black version with the newer red Black Major version to match the original vehicles.

I opted for the Recondo torso, as I find it to have more of a bold flyboy look, with its open collar and shoulder holster. Do this uniform up in bright yellow and it would make for a good 80s Adventure Team figure. Now there’s an idea for another round of repaints.


  • These are great. It’s a cheap way to get a Star Duster and fill in all the obvious gaps that Hasbro simply neglected in the 2000’s. I’ve got a couple on the way and can’t wait to get them into some photos.

  • I agree, I crossed the original off my list and not consider this repro ‘good enough.’ I picked up a few of the other Star Duster variants, but unlike the Vipers, I don’t feel like I need or want to collect all the variations.

  • I love these.I hope BM comes out with new stuff this year…

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