Night Creeper (2009)

The Night Creeper from 2009’s Defense of Cobra Island multi-pack is another example of a mostly well executed take on a vintage figure design. The Flint arms are a bit of a bummer, but the positives about the rest of him manage to outweigh the poor parts choice.

This updated figure does a better job of recreating the look of the Night Creeper’s helmet from the old card art. The original head sculpt, while an interesting design, just didn’t portray the wrap and hood as well as this version. Most of that is due to the fact that the new one is actually two pieces, and the wrap is totally removable.

Night Creeper is also a case of web gear done right, as the chest armor and belt are unobtrusive, and fit well. Accessories are also upgraded, with extra paint apps on both the sword and more detailed crossbow. This has to be the coolest crossbow I’ve seen on a GI Joe figure. I’d love to see it in neon orange.

Speaking of which, I’m still holding out hope for a Night Creeper Leader homage at some point, although I can’t decide if I’d prefer to see the 1993 or 1994 version. Wait, there’s also the slightly different DIC animation version. Hmm, I think I’d like all three.


  • I agree that the Flint arms were kind of a bummer but I really do like the overall look. I think that making the head and wrap two separate pieces was a very good way of handling it, and I think his chest armor is probably one of the best pieces like that which they released. I was also very pleased to see his big crossbow. That was such a great accessory and I’m glad they invested the tooling dollars to remake it as opposed to giving him another random crossbow or a speargun. The colors look really good and he’s rocking some pretty nice pants there too, Rob.

  • I hope you were kidding about that neon orange crossbow. But knowing your fondness for brighter colors, I wouldn’t be too surprised if you meant it.

    Nah, I didn’t think so…

    I never quite got into the Night Creepers as a concept when the red ninjas basically served the same purpose. This figure does work as a nice upgrade/homage to the 1990 version and improves quite a bit on its predecessor.

    Still waiting for Night Creeper Leader as well, though.

  • Only wish that they included the barbed sword too–that was a nasty-looking weapon.

  • I agree too that the arms dont work, unless maybe he has purple skin?

    I’m suprised there hasnt been a slight retool [or headswap] done of this guy to represent the DIC version. Wonder if he will come with a pharo’s head dress?

    The best night creeper comic i read was a oneshot in which a nightcreeper used poison from a toad and Duke made a referance to Haul down the Heavens

  • I had this figure for awhile. Hasbro did a pretty good job with this one. I think the Flint arms were a fine choice. I actually prefer the blueish one that came in those Wal-Mart ROC two packs.

  • This is an awesome “Modern era” Cobra action figure!

  • This figure makes me wanna collect modern. That could be a problem….

  • I hate this figure. Its repaint, a little less so. I hate that they used 25th Anniversary Snake-Eyes’ stubby torso, which in turn makes the whole figure pretty puny compared to other Joes. I also hate that the chestplate was sculpted specifically to fit said stubby torso’s proportions, which has in turn made it ill-fitting on what should’ve otherwise been a great Cyber-Viper, as well as the unreleased Ninja Pack Night Creeper. On regular-length torsos, this armor’s pec-and-stomach guards end up covering the shoulder blades and the mid-abdomen joint, not places you’d want movement-restricting armor. I hate the Flint arms, obviously, which is just one of the strangest choices for arms I’ve seen in a long while.
    Honestly, if Hasbro chooses to revisit Night Creepers again, I would much rather see them based on either the Ninja Force design (albeit in more respectable colors) or the Spy Troops design.
    I hate sounding so negative about this figure but so much of it just hit the wrong buttons for me… I guess I hate the Rise of Cobra repaint less thanks to its better arms?

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