Lt. Torpedo (2008 Sea Command)

While I wasn’t the biggest fan of the 25th anniversary line, with its hit and miss updates of vintage figures, I did find a few figures that really struck my fancy. Most of the figures I enjoyed were either new characters or designs that hadn’t been a part of the RAH line.

The rehashing of old figures into new articulation didn’t hold a lot of interest for me. I was more impressed by the use of vintage (or close to vintage) card art and packaging. As far as the figures themselves, I found a few of my old favorites worked well in the new format. Torpedo was one of them, and though the new version will never replace the original, the added articulation and more detailed sculpt and accessories were welcome improvements. I particularly enjoyed the modern line’s ability to incorporate more removable accessories, like Torpedo’s diving mask.

The Torpedo mold was reused several times, and I found something to like about each version. Basing figures on Sunbow designs was one aspect that I found interesting about the 25th anniversary line. Though this figure, from a Toys R Us exclusive three pack, was intended to be Torpedo, he could also fill in for any number of wet suit wearing Joes from scenes in which the team ventured underwater. Although the figure is not completely accurate to the animation models, it still makes for a nice attempted homage.


  • I need 25th updates to the Funskool blue/black and orange/black Torpedos now too.

  • It doesn’t really do anything for me. I’m a big o-ring fan and am quite happy with my ’83 Torpedo. If funds were unlimited, I might upgrade to the grey/black version of this figure as a better rendition of the character but, sadly, funds are finite!

  • The 25th was an epic failure because parts were used over and over again,shruken heads( see the first Shipwreck, Wild Bill, Version 22 Storm Shadow,even the BBQ from the Slaughter’s Marauders was two small!) and endless repaints that made little sense.The best thing about the 25th was the old school packaging. This Torpedo did not need to be made. It even was seen during the ROC line.

  • Those crappy ’82-style helmets which wouldn’t stay on nearly killed my interest in the 25th line but there were a lot of figures which improved on the originals. The head sculpt on Torpedo and removable mask far surpassed the ’83 version’s oversized head and droopy eyes.

  • I still need to get two of the Sea Command pack–one to better customize the Cutter figure. I do like the vibrancy of this Torpedo.

  • It’s great they gave him a removable mask, but the face doesn’t scream “Torpedo” to me. Just generic G.I.Joe. Maybe this guy could work for the Adventure Team? It really would’ve been creative to make a wetsuit wearing Torpedo that doesn’t look so out of place on land – that’s the character’s weak spot.

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