Lt. Gorky (2006)

It’s amazing what the right combination of parts, and a solid color scheme can accomplish. Over the years, many figures have been put together using a variety of reused parts. Sometimes the result is fantastic, and the mix isn’t even evident. Other times, it looks as though Dr. Frankenstein made a trip to China and raided the GI Joe molds.

While the oft-requested Horrorshow received an entirely new figure from the waist up, a less popular character like Gorky was left to be made up of a majority of old tooling. This is where the great parts choice comes in, and what to me separates the Guard figures from other comic packs, particularly the original Joe team members.

First up, all of the parts make good logical sense. The figure needed a basic uniform, with long sleeves and long pants. That’s what he got, simple and effective. Next, the new head sculpt, which is full of character and closely resembles Mark Bright’s comic rendition. Finally, there’s the small accessory addition in the holster. I believe it’s new as well, and though it’s a bit on the large size, does fit well and adds a flourish to what could have been a very plain figure.

Color choice is very good, and that’s another aspect which makes the Oktober Guard comic figures stand out. The uniform colors were different enough to make each stand as an individual. For Gorky, the iconic blue and white Russian naval undershirt harks back to the comic art, and also gives his grey uniform a hint of color.

Lt. Gorky is a much more successful figure than many of the comic pack Joes, and light years beyond the effort of the repainted Big Bear from 1998’s Oktober Guard three-pack.


  • I love this figure (happened to get the comic pack when they were still on the shelves at TRU). His construction consists of the following:
    -New head and holster sculpt
    -Torso, waist and legs of Action Marine
    -Arms of Headman
    -Accessories in the form of Beachhead’s machine gun and Spy Troops Lady Jaye’s pistol

  • Gorky certainly turned out better than the Grunt figure from issue #4 using these parts. Hasbro really went out of their way to make the Guard as comic accurate as possible, be they classic or newer members. Gorky appeared in a handful of issues not counting the DDP run, so the detail shown here is much appreciated.

  • This guy is one of my favorite figures Hasbro released from 2004-2006. The colors and head really work with the mold. It’s too bad more of the cmic figures didn’t have this quality.

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