Low Light (2008)

Low Light was a part of the 2008 convention exclusive attendee figures, and came in a three pack that also included Shockblast (AKA Shockwave) and Long Arm. Like the other figures in the set, he’s outfitted in a color scheme much different from his original classic version.

The story line of that year’s con set involved the Cobra Headhunters, which has become a worldwide criminal organization with Gristle commanding the group in smuggling operations. Low Light is one of the team of Joes called in to combat the threat. I suppose his specialty fits in somewhat, although not as well as his more law enforcement oriented teammates like Bullhorn, Shockwave–sorry–Shockblast and Long Arm. But if you’re attacking the bad guys under cover of night, I can’t think of anyone much better to have on your team than Low Light.

I’m amazed that the entire Low Light mold was available for use in 2008, since so many other RAH mold releases in the 2000’s were Frankensteined to some extent. Maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise since the mold was seen for a split second during the Spy Troops line, when it was part of a cancelled set of WalMart exclusives.

Unfortunately, this version of Low Light has none of his original accessories. The collectors club tried to make do with approximations of the sniper and sub-machine rifles he was equipped with in 1986, and while they make decent stand-ins, the figure doesn’t have the same feel without his signature weapons.

I really like what they’ve done with a two-toned color scheme, and the way it’s been integrated with the figure’s sculpting, following the raised areas of his upper arms. The silver details bring out just a little bit of highlighting to keep the figure from looking too plain. Oh, and he’s a blonde again this time.


  • This version of Low Light still shows up in the collector’s club magazine comics section. You can’t go wrong with the figure. Easily my favorite from 1986 and my favorite character introduced that year as well.

    While nothing tops the original ’86 paint apps for me, this is also an interesting version.

  • Makes me want to go look for the original Low-Light, and the POC version. The only one I have (and my first one) is the 2006 Direct-To-Consumer version (and I lost his pistol, D’OH!).

    • The DTC and POC versions are awesome since they homage the original so well. POC Low Light is the definitive Low Light in my book.

      I like how the light green used here harkens back to the ’82 founding roster. Kinda like a “what if Low Light had been around since day one” sort of deal. Likely unintentional, but still a cool touch.

  • I love this figure. I’m an o-ring diehard. There is just something about the classic style that the ME stuff can’t match. The new stuff is almost too detailed,and charm and subtlety go out the window.

  • This is a great figure. Would love to see a POC repaint in these colors. But my bigger question is what more can you tell us about the cancelled wal-mart Spy troops? This is the first I have heard about them.

    • They were a series of repainted RAH-style figures that were to come with metallic parachutes. The assortment was to be Low-Light (using the original mold, though it had the Slaughter’s Marauders 1989 date stamp), Duke (using the 1992 mold), Snake Eyes (1989 mold), Storm Shadow (Ninja Force mold), Alley-Viper (using the parts combo that began in 1997), and Hiss Driver (or Rip-It, IDK, using the TBC Cobra Commander’s waist). According to Yojoe.com, the figures were cancelled due to safety issues with the parachutes.

  • This is a really solid repaint. If he weren’t quite so expensive, I’d be chasing him. Otherwise, the v1 is pretty much a Low Light for all occasions.

  • Didn’t Lowlight’s accessories turn up in the toys r us arctic 6-pack? Or at least his rifle.

  • Sucks that mc had access to good molds and try sets got mostly junk. This is a great version of low light. Too bad only 500 collectors will ever own one.

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