Low-Light (1986)

Of all the 1986 figures, I think Low-Light is my favorite. Funny enough, I didn’t pick him up as a kid. Make no mistake, I really wanted to get him. I just never found him in a store. Granted, I could also say the same about 1985 Snake Eyes, but I made it a point to obtain him via other means–in a trade with a friend. I got the better end of the deal on that one, as I traded away a Turret and Probot for Snakes and the Snow Cat. Score!

Okay enough reminiscing about trades. I’m here to talk about the Joes’ laconic night spotter. His was one of the most subdued color schemes of the year. He’s quite the contrast with the highlighter-hued Sci-Fi.

Everything about the figure to me says bad mammer-jammer. From the uniform design, to the weapon complement and even the determined grimace, Low-Light looks like a dude you don’t want to cross. It also didn’t hurt that his voice portrayal on the Sunbow cartoon was memorably terse and gruff. The later DIC voice actor went as far as to make him sound like Dirty Harry.

I’ve often wondered if the 1986 figures had a purposeful within the uniform design. Elements such as vests, off-center jacket closures and shoulder padding are repeated among several of the Joes. Roadblock, Cross Country, Dial-Tone and others look somewhat cohesive compared to other sets of Joes, aside from 82-83.

If there’s one bad thing about the figure, it’s the inability to hold the rifle in a sniper pose. I’m worried that I’ll break his thumb just sticking it in his hand. But hey, he can still wield his uzi.


  • I remember getting mine on the way home from a park on a sunny Saturday afternoon. We stopped at a Children’s Palace on the other side of town we never went to and I found this guy. Mine, though, didn’t have the front of the shoulder pad painted. So, he was less obvious when hiding in wait for his targets. He got so much use that I broke him and had to buy another. The original became parts for many of my favorite lbc’s from childhood.

    I really liked his Special Missions appearance where he was assigned to kill the traitor but didn’t. The CIA guy was so happy they had profiled him correctly that he was completely taken aback when Low Light produced the tainted chips they had intended to fall into Russian hands. My figure got a lot more use after that story.

  • ”Stalker of The Night”

  • I think the shoulder pad is meant for protection during shoulder-firing actions. Same deal with Roadblock and his heavy gun.

  • Excellent figure; the back-up Uzi makes him even better. His characterization is pretty grim, but he doesn’t have a lot of catch phrases, so you can work him out for yourself. I’d have Low Light on a hilltop taking out Cobras until they figured out where he was. Then, he’d take ’em out short range! I really wanted that Uzi to fit on his thigh, but no matter how you jam it in, it won’t fit. So, I made a holster out of black posterboard. Pretty awkward, but this figure got a lot of use!

  • Joee Katsopilis

    I had one as a kid, but lost him. about ten years later (for father’s day) my son found one on Ebay and bought it for me! đŸ˜†

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