Long Range (1989)

Long Range’s file card states that he’s earned the nickname “the Knock-Out Man” due to his incredibly effective abilities as an artillery man. “The Blink and You’ll Miss Him Man” would be a more apropos nickname for his media appearances. The poor guy only made a few small comic appearances and a brief cameo in DIC’s Operation Dragonfire series.

He’s also an example of a figure with a beautifully detailed mold that just didn’t get much attention in paint applications. Both his vest and helmet feature some of the most intricate sculpting of the time, but are sadly molded in one solid drab color.

Some of his parts were reused twice by the collectors club to create Joecon exclusive figures. Though it may no longer be fashionable in some collecting circles, I greatly miss the days of the o-ring style, and particularly its use in the convention exclusive sets. The entire body was used to make 2006’s Major Bludd from the Most Wanted: Mercenaries set, which finally gave it the paint details it deserved. The helmet was part of the head mold of the equally excellent original character General Mayhem from 2005’s set. Not everything the club produced at the time was a home run, but they often had a knack for pulling out some obscure figure parts and making a memorable new figure.

I find the head mold interesting because of its sourpuss expression. It’s almost as if he knows that he’s gotten little exposure over the years. Maybe he’s just upset because of his resemblance to Dr. Benton Quest. Then again, it could also be an expression of regret from choosing to wear thigh high boots.


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