Law & Order (2011)

The original Law & Order have always been one of my favorite figures from 1987. As a follow up to Mutt & Junkyard, they served a similar purpose, but I never saw them as replacing the original K-9 unit.

The 30th anniversary series was exciting for me. While I had enjoyed the detail and the new looks for the characters in the Pursuit of Cobra series, I didn’t have that sense of excitement about picking up the newest wave of figures. When I saw that classics like Lifeline, Sci-Fi, Airtight and Law & Order were coming, I couldn’t wait to get them. Once I had them in hand, they did not disappoint.

Accessories are for me what make the newer figures stand out. The added articulation is nice, especially when posing figures for photos, but for me it’s not the be-all, end-all improvement. Things like swappable heads, removable gear and detailed and useful accessories really pique my interest.

Law & Order are provided with everything an MP needs. Two rifles, two sidearms, nightstick and even a tiny pair of handcuffs make for a decent arsenal. The helmet, with a removable clear face shield, is an excellent detail. It’s the sort of thing that, coupled with the bevy of other accessories, allows for a few different play and display possibilities. And lest I forget, Order is pretty darn nice too, even if he’s still not articulated. He does excel in the cool gear department, just like his partner.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Renegades based design without a high collar. Was the show set in some alternate universe where this was the most common aspect of clothing? Even the dog’s got a funky collar on.


  • Can’t fault this figure for anything, really. The 30th anniversary stuff really knocked it out of the park on all levels.

    I would love to see it reissued in the original 1987 colors, though. That would be the icing on the cake given that everything else is there already.

  • Man, that wave was NEVER at the Target near me. The only 30th Anniversary figure I ever found was Renegades Cobra Commander, ON CLEARANCE.

  • Yeah, I was really happy to get this guy, though I did have to break down and just buy the wave from an eBay seller instead of an online store because everywhere I checked was sold out and I never saw him at a brick and mortar store. However, once I got him in hand, he was probably hands down my favorite. I really liked Sci-Fi but Law just added something new to the table that the original figure didn’t have. As much as I liked a part-by-part recreation of Sci-Fi, something about Law looking different than his vintage counterpart captured my imagination and attention a lot more. The weapons he has a great for a police officer, military or otherwise, and Order is great. I love the fact that he’s got a tac vest like actual war dogs are often given in the field. It gives him a more combat ready feel to him. And while I still too am a little perplexed by all the high collars on the Renegades figures, for some reason, on this piece it worked a little better for me for some reason. I didn’t mind it on the Cobra Trooper, but kinda made the masked head redundant since you really can’t see that much of the face behind it anyway. On Law, it just appealed to me more for some reason. Plus, even though they’re a rehash from the Cobra Trooper, I love those handcuffs. I think the Hasbro of the 80s would have lost their mind if they knew 30 years later they’d be making functional, in-scale handcuffs for G.I. Joe figures…gotta love the progress of toy-making technology!

  • I like his millitary colours more than the original. Those handcuffs sound like a nice little accessory.

    Ive never seen millitary dogs wear little flak jackets before

    I also beleive Order served with the Maximals but he changed his name to K-9

  • Hey Rob, you did realize that the dog is articulated, right? His head is on a well-hidden ball joint and he’s capable of some different angles. It’s pretty sweet actually.

  • I hope this awesome Order gets repainted as Lamont for FSS 2 Widescope

    love this Law figure, so much better than the original

  • Even if you aren’t a fan of the GI Joe characters, it’s figures like this that remind me GI Joe is still the best action figure around.

  • I ended up cutting the vest in half and painting his T-shirt orange and the vest a blue similar to the vintage.The badge is way too large however…

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    This is a great looking set. The only thing that I would change would be to add some black detail to order’s fur.

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