Lanard Toys 2015 Warehouse Sale

It’s the holiday season again here in the US, and that means toymaker Lanard is holding its annual sale at its warehouse just outside Kansas City, MO. JAD made the trip out for opening day, accompanied by Joe bud and fellow Toy Department podcast host Andrew AKA Twitziller. Andrew walked away with a huge haul that filled a large box.We were both in awe of the B-25 inspired Beast Bomber, but the item wasn’t for sale. The lne example hanging from the ceiling was a hand painted prototype. The word from Lanard is that it might show up in the US at some point, but is difficult to ship due to its large box.

The Lanard sale is an overwhelming experience every time I go, and there’s always something new and interesting to see among the stacks of product. I picked up a few choice items on the first go-round, but I’ll be going back a few more times in the coming weeks to see what else might show up. Good times!



  • So much great custom fodder

  • I’ve got a friend from Kansas City, Missouri. She’s a really sweet lady.

    Anyway, I didn’t realize Lanard had so many different brands outside the CORPS stuff. Look! They’ve even got a line dedicated to guys fighting animals. That grizzly bear looks pissed.

  • Thanks for the great coverage Rob. I look forward to seeing this every year now. It’s getting to be a holiday tradition. Cool to see Twitziller as well!

  • Awesome coverage! A holiday tradition to be sure. Wish I could have joined you guys in that… Toy department.

  • That bomber is impressive. Impressive enough that I’d buy one on sight should they show up. I can understand the large shipping box. But, I would think that: A: they thought of that before designing it and B: there would still be stores that would be interested in carrying it over the holidays. There’s plenty of large box toys available at stores that aren’t the traditional big three this time of year.

    How are the prices there? Are they comparable with retail? Cheaper? I look at all that stuff and think I could buy my boys’ entire Christmas in one fell swoop. It’s always great to see!

    • The prices are half retail or less. We get quite a few gifts for the kids there too. Lots of cool generic dime store type stuff as well. It’s a throwback for sure.

      • Half retail would be too good to be true. I’m surprised an enterprising dealer or two in the area doesn’t hit it up and buy out some stock of some of the more obscure and rarer items: especially the vehicles. I think you’d be able to find some Joe fans willing to shell out some good money for a few of the variants/decos.

        The most throwback part of your comment is the dime store reference. 🙂 It’s just one of the many things my kids are never going to understand. (Well, that and growing up in a time where there not only was no internet, but I remember when the first families started getting cable TV, cordless phones and answering machines.) Now get off my lawn!

    • I was thinking that as well. I would love to buy out some of the older o-ring guys I had back in the old Gung -Ho days like John Eagle, Sharc and Tony Tanner. These guys aren’t all that cheap on the inet.

  • WOW!!! Love that Space Corps stuff.

  • I want the walker stalker and all the star force stuff. And Robs hat.

  • Do you have the address for this? I have family in KC and can make the drive. What dates are they open?

    • Here’s the address: 106 N Sterling Ave, Sugar Creek, MO 64054. You can google Lanard Sugar Creek to get their phone number. I’d rather not post it here.

      The sale is going daily from now until Christmas Eve. I believe the weekday hours are 9am to 6pm.

  • Wow. I’d be overwhelmed by that. It’s like Toys R Us was back in the 80’s,

  • says PERMANENTLY CLOSED on google now.. 🙁

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