Lady Jaye (2014 Kre-O)

The Kre-O love train just keeps rolling on. In the midst of so much angst about the status of the GI Joe brand, these little guys (and now gals) are tiny bricky bits of happiness. The overt cheeriness of the Lego-esque Joe world is a welcome counterpoint to all the doom, gloom and outright speculation about GI Joe’s future. Wave three of the Kreon blind bags was recently released, and it was a good mix of 80s classics sprinkled with a few surprises.

Lady Jaye is no surprise, as she’s been one of the team’s mainstays since 1985. Her iconic gear is for the most part represented in mini figure form. The only omissions are the lack of the camera, and power javelin is a bit weak, being simply a clip mount. However, she can hold the spear portion itself in a throwing position, which is cool. I wonder if she can steer the Kre-O VAMP with her foot at the same time?

It would have been nice to get an alternate hair piece to switch out for the ballcap, but that’s easily remedied just by looking around for the appropriate piece in either the Kre-O or Lego formats. In this case, assortment mate Atomic Man can contribute a pretty nice mop of hair for Alison.


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