Lady Jaye (2013)

I have to say that I’ve been somewhat disappointed in the amount of Retaliation product on the shelves so far. Maybe that will change in the weeks to come, but it sure doesn’t seem like retailers are very high on ordering mass quantities. Can you blame them, considering how the Rise of Cobra performed, and then last year’s delay for the sequel?

When wave two pictures hit the internet, the toys seemed to be more movie accurate than the first assortment, but now that I have them in hand, there is still quite a bit of parts reuse going on. Lady Jaye borrows her body from Renegades Scarlett. That’s not a bad thing at all, since that figure is well articulated and capable of some very nice poses.

Lady Jaye is supplied with a treasure trove of weapons, two of which are amazingly decorated with multiple paint apps. The others are less detailed, but I’m amazed to see such an arsenal included with one figure. Maybe Hasbro realizes she’s not going to appeal to kids, so they decided to forego a missile launcher or zip-line for a stockpile of weapons that would appeal to collectors.





The digital camo is especially well done, and is closer to scale for a small painted figure than I can recall seeing before. It’s really impressive. This may not be the Lady Jaye from Sunbow or the Marvel Comic, but she’s a great looking figure and fresh interpretation that transcends her reused parts.



  • Until I had her in hand, I didn’t even realize LJ used the Renegades Scarlett body. What a difference a different paint job makes. I wasn’t terribly thrilled with Renegades Scarlett, but in this color scheme, it impressed me a bit more. I love the weapons trove she comes with and am glad to have so many different display options (though I’ll freely admit, she took FOREVER to photograph for my collection documentation since I needed to swap out weapon sets so many different times). My only real beef is that they used the 25th Lady Jaye backpack. I like it, but it doesn’t really work well with her ponytail. Beyond that, though, I don’t have any real complaints…however, that’s just one rabid Lady Jaye fan’s opinion.

  • I wouldn’t mind picking her up–I just need to find the right sale…..

  • Did you find this at retail already? My local stores still haven’t gotten wave 2. My reviews are gonna be mad stale by the time I get therm posted.

  • Seeing some Joe figures on shelves in my area would be nice. All i see now is the yellow cancer of Bumblebee and Ric Olee from that stupid Phantom menace revisited line

  • Who would have thought we’d see Lady Jaye wearing a ponytail? The figure looks cool enough and would work as a new character. Nice move on Hasbro’s part regarding the weapons.

  • I like the look of (Palicki?) Lady Jaye in the previews, the character doesn’t seem out of place so far to me at all (just like Flint and Roadblock). RoC Scarlett seemed a little off, and Cover girl was just blah in that movie.

    I’m hoping to find this figure locally, I’m a big fan of Renegades Scarlett, and I think this Lady Jaye would compliment greatly on the modern-ish figure collection here.

    I am not surprised that there is NOT an onslaught of Retaliation toys everywhere and anywhere, mostly since my local Wally had Rise of Cobra figures (wave 1) still on pegs just a couple months ago! And you know, they are probably pulled back in a box sitting in the box on top of a department bin in back right now.

  • A nice figure, not bad. But Lady Jaye is another kind of woman.

  • She’s cool–nice pants!
    Saw her on the pegs but couldn’t afford all the ones I wanted that day and I said to myself “ahh, a girl figure, she’ll be warming pegs for awhile” –haven’t seen her since!

  • Steven B. Williams

    While it would of been nice if Hasbro had atleast mixed up the body section a little, this figure is better than the ‘Renegades’ Scarlett we got. It has a beautiful head sculpture (remember the female head sculptures we got for ‘Rise of Cobra’; my,how things have changed within the past 3 years) plus the cache of weaponry is awesome. I bought a second Lady Jaye just for her gear (if you live in my area, Ben, sorry. ^_^’ ). I even like the backpack she came with; it fits on her so cutely.

  • As solid as it is, this figure is becoming kindofa generic female soldier. I guess it’s hard to translate “counter-intelligence” into a figure. And I’m surprised that stores around here don’t have ANY of the new vehicles yet. The movie comes out in 2 weeks!

  • The Retaliation figures look to be selling here. Well, Walmart is the only game in town, and they had (Wave 2?) figures, and today they only had one battle-kata Roadblock left. So, maybe one case of figures so far?

    The vehicles, the mini-tank, fangboat, and awe striker all doubled in numbers, however.

    But…. no lady jaye 🙁

  • I was lucky to find her a month ago and today at a TRU I walked past 2 of them, she is a badass fig with a ton of weapons, I like that every year or so a figure like this comes, reminds me of POC Snake Eyes and Beach head that had weapons on top of weapons lol.

  • I was sorta letdown at the reuse of the Scarlett body but yeah the paintjob really makes up for it.
    And the gear is the real winner in my book, gotta find at least two more of her.

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