Lady Jaye (2007)

The first of three Lady Jaye figures released in the 25th anniversary series, this version follows closely to the original 1985 figure and its card art.

Her most…uh…distinguishing feature is her impressive decolletage. If you ever needed a sign that the modern GI Joe lines are aimed at collectors, Lady Jaye is equipped with two good reasons.

So the question remains–which Lady Jaye design is better, the action figure version or the cartoon? I’ve never been a big fan of the baseball cap, as it made her look a little too tomboyish. My opinion however of how Jaye should look is colored by the iconic portayal of the Sunbow toon. Thanks to the talented folks who worked on that show, I’ll always see and hear the capless, javelin throwing version of the character when I think of her.

The javelin gun has been adapted into a thinner version of the original, and it sort of incorporates the Sunbow look as well. The head also at least looks different from the classic design, with a bit longer hair. It almost reminds me of the Spy Troops version’s head sculpt.


  • She really isn’t a bad figure–if only the wrists hadn’t been fused…..

  • Did she steal that cap from a Panzer IV driver?
    As i’m more familiar with the cartoon [the only female figures i ever had were Baroness and Zarana and they were technically my sisters] I would also take it over this version.

    With regards to the cleavage. She is either trying to distract the snakes [not innuendo] or Flints broken the zipper

  • Not a good head sculpt. The DVD set one is better. Yeah, the figure loses points for lack of wrist articulation.

  • Yeah, Lady Jaye’s head sculpt really didn’t hold up well as the 25th line moved on. At the time, I was really impressed, but after the hatless version was released, this head’s flaws were pretty evident. However, I wish they would’ve redone it just because most of my Lady Jaye memories were from my figure with the hat rather than the cartoon. I’d see the Joe cartoon occasionally, but not all the time as a kid. Heck, the first time I saw all the episodes was after I got the complete Sunbow series for Christmas a couple years back. Considering how much of the 2009 Joe Battle Pack was just rehashing, I would’ve loved to have seen a retooled hatted head on the DVD Pack body. It’s not like people didn’t have a chance to get the hatless version from that DVD pack. In my area, those first two were TERRIBLE pegwarmers.

  • I once felt the same way about Lady Jaye and the cartoon as I did about Duke. Reading the comics and collecting the toys, I was scratching my head when she, Flint, and Shipwreck turned up in Pyramid of Darkness and promptly stole the spotlight from the new ’84 recruits. I’ve yet to learn how we got a sneak peek of these three characters the year before their figures were set to debut.

    I didn’t mind Flint for some reason (he was way cooler than Duke) and Shipwreck looked like he wasn’t going to be a regular Joe since Polly and the whole Nicholson angle were nowhere to be seen in the second mini. But Jaye still acted tomboyish even without the cap and I felt that due to her, poor Cover Girl was being cheated out of her better deserved screen time.

    @Skymate: I believe the zipper is clearly Flint’s doing. This figure gets props for being true to the ’85 card art. I suspect her prominent cleavage was supposed to be one of her trademarks. She’s a tough cookie but sexy and desirable, hence the Flint connection. I eventually warmed up to her in the Sunbow ongoing along with the comics and welcome any figure of her if done in the classic style from ’84 and ’85.

  • Lady Jaye? How about “Butter Face”?

  • Correction: Pyramid of Darkness was the third mini, not the second. I meant to say the one with Destro’s Weather Dominator. The second mini was actually The Revenge of Cobra and is probably my favorite of the five, despite the early introduction of the three figure-less characters mentioned above

  • I know how you feel Clutch. The only Joe and Transformes episodes i had were Laser in the night and Hoist goes Holliwood but i always call them ‘Laser lash’ and ‘Megatron makes movies’ as thats what they were labelled down here

    I think Jaye got more screen time in the cartoon because she was available when the first series started. Come to think of it she got more screen time then the other two girls. Guess her relationship with Flint translated better to screen than Snake & Scarlet or whoever Covergirl was seeing

  • I never had a preference either way as to which version of LJ was more “accurate”. I like them both for what they are. Besides with all of the versions of Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Duke, etc., that have been produced in the Joeverse, it’s nice to have both for different display scenarios. LJ is one of the major characters that has very few modern figures, so the more the better IMHO.

  • Hey, I just had an interesting thought–there might be a way to give this Jaye the wrist articulation she deserved! Swap out the lower arms with those of the ROC 5-pack Dial-Tone, then take out the hands and replace them with the ROC reactive armor Scarlett. I wonder if anyone thought of this before.

  • Her face was a shame, version 2 and 3 are way better!

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