Justin Case (STAR Force)

Justin Case, owner of one of the goofiest code names in the Lanard CORPS! line (and that’s saying something) made another appearance as part of the STAR Force line of astronaut styled action figures. He looks quite dapper in white and silver, especially when photographed against a 70s Kenner-esque backdrop. Walrus Man was just to the right of camera.

This mold is one of the better Lanard offerings, both in terms of separating itself as a GI Joe imitation, and also in terms of build and paint detail. The most useful CORPS! figures for me have been those that don’t have readily identifiable GI Joe corollaries, and Justin Case is a standout in that sense. If I had to choose a Joe he reminds me of, I’ve often pictured him as a combination of the early commando Snake Eyes and Beachhead, so maybe he’ll be a space ranger/commando in my combined Joe/CORPS!-verse.


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