Jungle Viper (2005)

The Jungle Viper from 2005 was released as part of the–

“Hey Rob, you already covered a Jungle Viper a couple weeks ago.”

Yes, I did.

“So you’re running out of ideas for subjects, huh? Took you almost five years, but you’re finally out of gas and forgetting what you’ve already posted.”

Easy there, Chester. I haven’t quite run out of energy or ideas. Even if I had, I’d like to see you try this kind of thing and keep it fresh day in, day out. Not to mention, you get your money’s worth here (which is zero–I don’t even do Patreon).

“Geez dude, getting a little tetchy, aren’t we? Sorry I made a little ripple on your doll blog.”

Who are you? Don’t you have a YouTube video or Reddit thread to troll? We’re a civilized lot around these parts, so please just move along, okay pal?

Now where was I? Oh yeah, the Jungle Viper hit twice in 2005, and this version was the para-drop figure for JoeCon. It’s basically a reverse coloration of the membership figure for the year, sans weapons. However it is equipped with a fancy silver chute. Shades of Sky Patrol! Like its counterpart, for a Frankensteined new sculpt era figure, I find it to be an interesting variation for the collection. At the very least, I can throw it off the upstairs balcony and relive some of the Con experience.





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