Jungle Camo Storm Shadow (Black Major)

You know what’s really weird? I haven’t covered the original 1984 Storm Shadow in the six plus years I’ve been doing this blog. I need to remedy that soon. In the meantime, here’s another version of the classic mold.

Black Major’s custom figures haven been expanding the common classic character designs into new and unique colors for years. The Cobra troopers, Crimson Guards and others have been done up in concepts like arctic, desert, crimson, urban camo and others. Last year, a series of ninja variants showed up.

Hasbro recolored the original Storm Shadow mold in comic packs, multi-packs and a mail-in. In fact, the Ninja Viper was the first use of the mold as a troop type ninja. I think that’s a good use for this figure as well, in addition to being an alternate outfit for Stormy on jungle missions.


  • I’m not as big a fan of all the stormshadow repaints as I am of the Cobra Troopers. But, at least the mold has finally gotten the love that Hasbro long denied.

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    I like the idea of a jungle camo Storm Shadow, but the yellow paint doesn’t look that well done.

  • The New Sculpt era introduced a Jungle Viper, and while they’re more along the lines of jungle-deployed Vipers, I was always a little jealous. This figure satiates my desire for a ninja in the forest, then steps it up by calling them the Jade Clan or something. I couldn’t resist, and the prices came down quickly on them, which made the v1 accessories a real bonus!

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