Jungle B.A.T. (2011)

In my lingering memory of the Pursuit of Cobra and the 30th anniversary lines, frustration is equally a part of my impressions as wonderful sculpts and amazing accessories. I didn’t want to be negative today, but I feel like I have to be realistic when talking about collecting. There are ups, downs and potholes in the road.

The Pursuit of Cobra exemplified that statement. Over the years, I’ve spent a good amount of money and time in pursuing my weird little hobby. But I want to thank these last two series of figures for the sometimes frustrating experiences they were. There was a time when I would have obsessed over tracking every figure down, no matter what. But having not been able to find all of the figures in the series, I now think I have a much healthier approach: if a figure makes its way into my hands, great. If not, that’s fine too. The situation has been a rough transition for a former completist, but it’s for the better, since now I don’t sweat or lose sleep due to lacking a couple figures here and there.

The Jungle BAT didn’t do much for me, which is kind of strange since I’m generally into repaints and odd concepts. I guess the paint apps look too busy, with the jungle camo next to the drybrushed metal. There’s just a lot going on here, and the paint apps just don’t seem to get along. And why couldn’t the knees have been painted with a little bit of camo pattern? Very annoying.

I wasn’t thrilled with the overall look or the concept of a jungle BAT. I’d rather have been able to find one of the other rare figures I missed out on, like Money Bag Destro or Crazylegs.


  • The lower parts of the arms look awesome, but other than that, it is a bit of a trainwreck. Definitely not very easy on the eyes…

  • I never found this figure. There are a lot of holes in my collection from the past two years.

  • 3/4track / Autobotmech

    Have to say , have one of these and not certain if I’ll open it.

  • I stopped hunting for stuff at retail other than the odd exclusive, and even so, I’ve missed figures like the TRUs Spirit. This version of the B.A.T. should have muted the clockwork colors given how they were going with jungle camo. It’s still an interesting take on the rainbow of flavors that has long defined the RAH franchise.

  • This is not a figure I’ve hunted down yet but it looks nice enough. It’s not going to be a priority though, it’s only the completionist in me that drives to having it one day. It does also open the door to Arctic BATs, Desert BATs… Why don’t they exist…, should I customise them…, where does it end…?

    Odd about those knees too!

  • I’m not a fan of this

  • Money Bags Destro. :[ That guy costs more than a loose 1982 figure. PoC, why you treat me so bad

  • As a big fan of the BATs, I really like this repaint. A different color scheme/camo might’ve done more for it, though. Like the black & dark green of the Range Viper with Cobra Whirlwind. After 30 years, Hasbro still hasn’t learned consistency among its products. And I never, ever saw this figure in stores. Some of the best figures had the smallest distribution.

  • Looks like a custom. Like a BAT stole Stalker’s clothes.

    I used to wonder “why not enivornment-colored BATS?”, but then it occured to me, BATS are totally expendable and usually not used in stealth operation. Why camoflauge them?

    Also, why leave the head black, and the light reflecting exposed metal parts…exposed?

  • As great as POC store stock was around here, I only saw two Crazy Legs (bought one) and never a Moneybags Destro.

  • I loved this fig, the press pics didn’t flatter it too well but I finally got one and regretted not getting the other I saw with it.

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