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After almost three years of daily GI Joe blogging, I’ve decided that a format change is in order. While I’ve enjoyed traveling the breadth and depth of the brand, things have gotten a bit stale for me. I felt like I needed a more dynamic focus, and wanted to look at my favorite toy line from a new perspective. At the same time, and with the help of a group of investors who shall remain nameless, I’ve developed a new scanning technology that downconverts three dimensional objects to their base dimension. In simpler terms, 1D. Rather than begin with the 1982 figures, I decided to focus the first batch on my favorites from 1984. There were so many glorious and now iconic figures that year, and now for the first time, they’ve been converted into a 1D format using ultra-secret (and exclusive to scanning technology. But enough of my yakkin’, let’s get to the 1984 figs in all their one dimensional glory! Enjoy, and look for more updates in the near future. Yo 1DJoe!

For the full experience, click the image to enlarge it in your browser.

By the way, if one dimension isn’t enough, check out the incredible and exhaustive for 3D interactive pics of every 1982-1994 Real American Hero figure. While you’re there, buy a poster or two or three to support the project!


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