Iron Grenadier (2008)

The Iron Grenadier was a troop type that I missed out on during its initial run in the 80’s. I’m sorry that I did, because as an adult collector it holds a lot of interest for me. I like Destro’s break off into his own force, as I’ve always thought of him as a very capable leader in his own right.

His troops were a mean looking bunch, in comparison to the standard Cobra forces. They also reflected Destro’s tendency toward a more ornate style of dress. After all, their commander was the man whose outfits have ranged from an open shirt look to a gold plated noggin. While the 1988 Iron Grenadier mold looked a little on the pudgy side to me, this guy looks sleek, deadly and darkly menacing.

The armored Cobra Commander mold is a bit different from the old figure, which had a padded rather than armored look. I don’t mind the change to armor, as it befits a high-tech force like the Grenadiers. The figure really excels with the addition of removable belt and sash. I’ve not been the biggest fan of the 25th anniversary figures in terms of function, but the removable layered detail aspect is an improvement that I continue to enjoy.

All of the original gear is present, from the sword to the red pistol and even the oversized Uzi. The sword is an improvement, as now it’s removable from the scabbard, and not just for decoration. The red pistol is much smaller than the original, but the Uzi is still huge. Maybe that’s an homage, but am I wrong in thinking that the Grenadier Uzi has always been way too big? Aren’t those fairly compact little death dealers? This thing is as long as his entire arm.

I currently have only two of this trooper, as I picked up the variant Destro that was his comic pack partner. Along with the 25th Alley Viper, this is one of the era’s troops that I’d like to army build at the squad level. With availability in two comic packs as well as a Toys R Us three pack, this one was easy to amass a few years ago.



  • I only have one of these, and it’s from the Senior Ranking Officer pack. I think the Uzi is the exact same one as the original’s, right down to the mold.

    The pistol later got reused for the 30th Anniversary Techno-Viper, and the parts for this figure have seen quite a lot of reuse. The head was used for all the Iron Grenadier troopers from this year’s convention, as well as for the POC/30th Anniversary ‘heavy’ Grenadier. The lower legs are new, the sword and scabbard are from the 25th Iron Grenadier Destro, and of course, the arms, hands, upper legs, and torso come from the Armor Cobra Commander.

  • I have the original IG and yes his UZI looks like it came from a Rob Leifeld Comic. What i think is funny with the Irongrenadier’s is that Destro was inspired by Darth Vader and that would turn into him leading an army of guys dressed as Darth Vader

  • I kind of remember a lot of people freaking out when they first saw how much of the Armored Cobra Commander was being reused for this guy and thought it was kind of ridiculous. Relying on so much black, most of the original mold detail is pretty well hidden. Plus, if I recall, didn’t the Armored CC filecard say something about Destro having helped design it. Destro’s a pretty smart guy…Cobra Commander would make the perfect guinea pig for testing armor for his new troops. 😉

  • I have the comic pack IG that came with Destro and I gotta say this was one of the better army builders released for the 25th Anniversary. I’m also probably biased since Gold Destro and the Iron Grenadiers are also one of my favorite offshoot groups.

  • I am conflicted, I generally prefer o-ring troops as I have so much investment in them (not only financial) but the accessories are so much better in the current versions. I can’t afford realistically to buy new figures just to get a better sword. If the figures were 3.75″ in would have been so much better.

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