Interrogator (1993)

1993 was the year of strange mail aways. While the regular line was waning amongst a bevy of sub-lines, Hasbro Direct was offering odd recolors of recent and not-so-recent figures. Some were multi-packs, like the Arctic Commandos, the International Action Force, the Rapid Deployment Force (complete with a reused Pocket Patrol Pack!) and the Copter Pilot set, from which Interrogator here hails. There were also a few individual oddities like repaints of Deep Six and Hawk that looked like they’d made a trip to the Negative Zone, and of course the infamous Create A Cobra.

The 1991 Interrogator is one of those great hidden gems of the line, and was quite impressive considering he was available only as a pilot of a zip cord gimmick helicopter. The character was given a mysterious and interesting background that has resonated enough with fans that Hasbro has since released the figure in the new sculpt era as well as in a convention set. That’s a pretty amazing feat for a third tier figure from late in the RAH line.

When you’re looking at this version of the figure, try to remember that original and its great color scheme and cool background. It’ll help ease the pain, kind of like biting on a rolled up belt while a field medic amputates your arm. I’m known to be fond of the odd and unusual, but even I have a hard time coming up with a use for this figure.

In this get-up, I imagine he’d have a tough time getting anything other than belly laughs out of captured Joes. The best I can manage is to associate him with the Dreadnoks, since he shares a similar color scheme to the classic Sears Ground Assault set. He was a driver after all, so I forget the fact that he’s wearing Interrogator’s outfit, call him the Dreadnok Stinger Driver, and put him behind the wheel of the ‘Noks’ sweet sweet ride. Problem solved.


  • You know what’s funny? I took your image and sent it to the Nega-Zone (inverted it in PS) and he almost looks his original colors! Talk about lack of creativity in repainting.

  • Dreadnok Stinger Driver, yeah. Nice alternative choice for this dude. The original ’91 version was unique and worthy of being revisited. I think the head sculpt lends itself to a couple other uses, like a Viper or even a Cobra Commander due to the helmet and faceplate combination. Those mail-in figures you listed were probably the worst bunch Hasbro ever delivered, mostly due to the awful neon repainting. I think 1993 was probably the death knell for the line going by the sort of mess it had become by then.

  • A great character: the 1991 version is awesome!

  • For some reason, this figures intrigues me. I had it for years bagged with Major Altitude, but sold them off a while ago. I went looking for just a loose version of this figure and they are freaking expensive! But, something about the neon yellow makes this guy lovable in that Nitro Viper way where he’s just so bizarre, you have to take notice.

  • You win a MIKE T AWARD for using a figure review to subtly boast about owning an unrelated, pricey hard-to-find item (Dreadnok Stinger).

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  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    The original version is a classic. Everything from the mold to colors is just excellent all around. This version, not so much. He loses a lot of his intimidating look with the switch to the yellow and purple color scheme.

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  • I can’t help it, I just love the hell out of the ’93 mail-a-aways in all of their neon glory, this Interrogator first and foremost, although the General Hawk is right up there among my favorites, too. I don’t look at them practically. I just think the color schemes really pop and make great-looking figures.

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