Inferno B.A.T. (2003)

Mmmm, translucent plastic. It’s like candy to me. I can’t fully explain the allure of a figure made from this wondrous material, but I suppose it holds an appeal at a base level, much like a cat is fascinated by a shiny object.

I wonder why it took so long to get around to specific use BATs? It’s one of those ideas that comes out of the blue and seems natural. Now we’ve gotten others within the last couple of years, including jungle and Nano versions (that is, if we ever see the latter released). Taking one of the BATs traditional weapons and making it the primary specialty was a great idea. It makes me want to see other specific android troopers. How about an arctic BAT? I’d buy a mess of those.

The internet exclusive BAT pack from which the figure comes was a nice troop builder pack for its time, and one that continues to be readily available to those with a soft spot for androids in the old O-ring style.


  • I really want to get that BAT pack. They look so cool!

  • Decked out in orange-red like that, it actually looks like candy. Seriously though, the idea of having different colored B.A.T.s around does make a lot of sense both business and collector-wise. I love translucent figures with a passion, so the more the merrier.

  • Is that a ribcage on the hologram?

  • I love the idea of specific use BATs! The recent Jungle BAT and the prospect of Nano-BAT make me hold out hope that one day we will see Arctic BATs. I think Inferno BAT looks pretty nice, you’re right that translucent plastic seem to push it over the top.

  • Would an Aqua BAT have a doofy costume and sing nutty ska songs?

  • Seems like a wasted recolor with a 90’s paint job. But I was never a big see-through figure fan.

  • I love this and the one released in the pack with him, the mold was cool and with new colors it was a strong figure IMO. I like the translucent figs as well so this was a huge win for me. At one point I used the extra Overkills in the pack as Destro’s IG BATS, very cool pack overall.

  • I wanted to like this figure. But, I just couldn’t do it. The black repaint was better. But, it got old pretty fast. The BAT pack was a huge failure for Hasbro (had it succeeded, the TRU Infantry would have been the next set with more to follow) but this figure and the aqua Overkill were the main reasons. Had the set been 3 black BATs, 2 in Cobra blue and even one of these guys, it would have been a bigger hit. But, it wasn’t and Hasbro began their long track record of failing to meet collector demands.

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