In The Cards: Greenshirt Commando

Hailing from the GI Joe trading card game, the Greenshirt Commando presents a modern take on a concept as old as the original animated mini-series, the generic trooper. While the nameless trooper might seem counter to the GI Joe team’s conceit of a group of unique individual specialists, the idea works well within the confines of a trading card game. After all, you need a certain amount of expendable units to populate a deck. There are only a few members of Battle Force 2000 to use, so this is the next best thing in terms of cannon fodder. But I kid BF2K.

The art on the card is based on the greenshirt designs in the Devil’s Die series, and though the helmet isn’t to my tastes, I understand the need for redesigns during the era. At least he’s not sporting black reactive armor.


  • That’s some wacky M16 art, and of course he’s sleeveless. But I can see how he’d fit into a game.

  • If he even wearing a shirt? He looks like he’s got nothing on under that armor.

  • James From Miami

    Yeah, I don’t like that helmet. And it is not because it might look like it belongs to a member of the Battle Force 2000. I actually have always liked the Battle Force 2000, even if they looked a little bit weird to me back then when they first came out. By the way, check out the new 2017 G.I. Joe convention Battle Force 2000 Conquest, and Polar Battle Bear. Speaking of the greenshirts, I remember reading in some website years ago, that the figure of Grunt was originally meant to have been those greenshirts soldiers. I don’t know if that is true, but, it makes a lot of sense to me. Even the name of that figure/character, Grunt, and the M-16 rifle that came with it, tells me that it is very possible that that figure was most likely meant to have been a greenshirt trooper, like an army builder figure for the Joes, just like Cobra Commander has his own troopers called Cobra, Code Name, The Enemy(strange choice of name for a Cobra trooper figure).

  • “B.A.T. Trooper” is redundant…

  • They got the “new sculpt’ era biceps bands and fore-arms guards thing going on. he probably had knee pads that may or may not appear to be connected to anything. Maybe double holsters, too.

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