Horrorshow (2005)

Horrorshow, the Russian Oktober Guard’s no-nonsense bruiser, was a figure long requested by fans of the comic series. The comic packs were a perfect opportunity for Hasbro to get fan requested figures such as this released.

A character with such a distinctive look demanded a lot of newly tooled parts. Luckily Hasbro didn’t skimp on this one. The quilted field jacket is an excellent example of the kind of detail that could be executed with more modern toy production techniques. The new head is also unique to the figure. The DTC comic packs were great for rehashed vintage figures with new heads. In many instances, the smaller heads do wonders for the look of the figures, as more than a few vintage figures suffered from melon head syndrome. Most famous of these was 1986 Beachhead. Sadly, he didn’t get the comic pack treatment.

A limitation of the vintage style is the basic buck upon which all figures are based. While it makes for a consistent look across the line, it also limits the size of certain characters like Horrorshow who could benefit from a slightly larger build.


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