Hi-Tech (2006 Sigma 6)

Hi-Tech encapsulates most of what I enjoy about the eight inch Sigma 6 figures. A large, durable toy (especially in kid-sized hands) as well as multiple, modular accessories with sensible action features. Finally, a funky, stylized look that injected freshness into a brand that had been rejuvenating the themes and styles of previous decades. I really, really like Sigma 6.

I discussed yesterday my thoughts about dressing figures, and I have always found the Sigma toys to be unique in this regard. If you’re skittish about putting clothes on your action figures, just chuck them in your parts bin. You know the place; it’s where you keep all your Battle Corps launchers and Spy Troops disguise gear. Anyway, without the offending dollness of soft goods accessories, you can go on about your action figure business with no one the wiser.

The early figures mixed limited clothing and upper body harnesses with sculpted details on primarily generic bodies, while later offerings added new sculpts and included fewer cloth items. Hi-Tech got a pair of short pants, which to me lent him alternately an air of surfer and street urchin attitude. Take your pick. All I can say is nice…knickers, Hi-Tech.

Hi-Tech filled the role of the S6 team’s tech expert (imagine that) and inventor type. The character debuted in the new sculpt era, and though the team had communications experts before, Hi-Tech is more of an all-around techie. He’s equipped with a modified version of the standard issue Sigma sidearm, complete with handgun to rifle to Big Ass Rifle components. His Sigma suit is also equipped with more ports, which can connect the positive/negative ended hose. This accessory also attaches to the rifle and backpack/drone.

The drone itself has a lot of personality, and I’ve always gotten a dog vibe from it. It’s certainly on the edge of functional/cute. It also handily plugs into his back.

I’m happy to dig back into my Sigma 6 collection, and revisiting the figures always makes me want to cover more of them.


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