Hawk (2011)

I enjoy a good updating and re-imagining of a classic character. The Pursuit of Cobra and 30th anniversary lines both managed a few figure updates that really impressed me. Hawk is a great new battle-ready version of the team’s long time field commander.

When Hawk returned to the line as a general in 1986, he traded in his typical Joe team BDUs for a bomber jacket and goggled helmet. The new image became iconic, and continues to be one of the prominent looks for the character. The ’86 look strikes me as more of a throwback to the World War II era. I’m glad to see him with a more modern look.

This figure, like other recent efforts, manages to effectively reuse parts and webgear to create something new. He is also loaded with weapons and gear, including a pistol, rifle two submachine guns, a radio and even a computer. The goggles and shoulder holster, both elements from the ’86 figure, are worked in to good effect. The modular and interchangeable accessories on this and other modern figures allow for some easy customization. So, if you don’t want to use this figure as Hawk, just switch out the head and web gear.


  • Forgot they made him. I think I saw him once in a store. Where did they go?

  • Construction:
    -Head: 25th Anniversary Hawk V2
    -Torso: Resolute Duke
    -Arms: POC Dusty
    -Legs: POC Recondo

    -25th Anniversary Dusty helmet
    -POC Shock Trooper (?) goggles and submachine gun
    -25th Anniversary Hawk V2 holster and belt
    -Resolute Beachhead webgear and pistol
    -Resolute Destro computer case and submachine gun
    -ROC Hawk rifle

  • Agreed. I think Hasbro really did a nice job with this Hawk. It takes an iconic look (’86) and then blends it with the “Field Commander” look of (’82). Sort of the best of both worlds, in a sense. The PoC line was a very good one.

  • I bught this figure on a whim last summerat wally-world for 6.97. I think he’s going for 50 dollars at least on ebay. The Hawk I have is the only one I’ve ever seen in the wild. POC ruled, but the distribution sucked.

  • Great version of Abernathy.

  • I was thinking of going back and hunt for this guy not long ago, but fifty bucks is mighty steep. I’m fine with the 25th Hawk as it is. I still think he’s a cool figure as with most of the POC offerings. Wish Hasbro would repack these figures as they do with their Star Wars refresher cases.

  • I never saw this figure in stores. Otherwise I might have picked him up.

  • He was pretty much a troop builder. Somewhere, someone has an army of these jaundiced warriors lined up and ready for battle. Ironically, they contracted Hep-C from re-used inoculation needles.

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