HasCon Report: Part 3

By Flag Points Dave

Two experiences I had fueled the crazy thoughts I was having as I drove home to see the new puppy my family picked up while I was away. I couldn’t stop replaying comments the remarkably-prolific Ron Rudat made while looking at a modern sculpt located just above a Gung-Ho Marine Dress Blues 2-up on the Hasbro tour.

I said to Ron, “Look at that 2-up!” He replied, pointing elsewhere, “Yeah, but look at that!” He was totally enamored with the detail that is able to be achieved today. I couldn’t forget how into the newest UV flatbed 3D printers the talented and contagiously-positive Guy Cassaday seemed to be.

I then thought of the convention center main display and Joe’s absence. For the first time ever I thought about what Joe WOULD look like in 2017 if it were to be back in full force, not what I’d want the display to look like.

If Joe was in its rightful place alongside Star Wars, Transformers and the superheroes, the spread would probably have looked similar. In 2017, an action figure toy line is multi-scaled. Six-inch figures with stunning detail, articulation and incredible accessories are present as are some smaller, highly-detailed vehicles to complement them. Figures in the 3.75-inch scale also are present — fully-articulated as well as 5 POA. Two-thirds of the action figure lines present were also represented in LEGO, but we know how the premium brickmakers feel about real guns.

This is what surprised some of my friends. I have never wanted Joe to be formatted any differently than the way he was in 1982. But two experiences on this trip slammed together in my brain and brought about the conclusion I’ve shared.

If original Joe designers themselves were most excited about what new tech could bring to the table and if I was to realistically picture Joe on the main floor, side-by-side with all the other thriving modern toy lines, I had to admit to myself that Joe would have to undergo some changes to be a fully-operational member of Hasbro’s toy army in 2017 and beyond.

If our heroes were at the helm again, what kind of Joes would they be creating in 2017? I can’t honestly remember the scale of the figure that Ron was looking at when he made the comment he did. And I don’t know what was going through Guy’s mind when he was admiring the printers. But I do think that if the legends were back on the brand, we’d see some different-looking figures and vehicles.

When he returns in earnest, the spirit of Joe would have to remain intact — loyalty, patriotism, strength and adventure. Say what you will about Hasbro’s current dedication to the Joe brand, but the company knows full well that it owes its success to Joe, and I don’t believe Hasbro will ever abandon him. Hasbro knows what makes Joe unique, and it will fully honor that again, I have no doubt.

Like you, I eagerly await Joe’s triumphant return. I’m just finally OK with him looking a little bigger. Oh… and I’d like a cartoon.


  • A this point, I think a 6″ Joe line is inevitable when the next movie rolls around. Since the designs will be all different, it will be a perfect time for Hasbro to shift the scale. If there’s any elements they can salvage, we might seen some 3 3/4″ figs using existing parts. But, tying Joe to its roots has been problematic for Hasbro for a while. So, a clean scale break is probably in order.

    I’m not sure that will matter much. Any movie line is destined to be overhyped, overproduced, clearanced, later waves impossible to find like all movie tie ins are these days. But, it would give Hasbro reason to scale up the classic looks and go after the 6″ figure collectors who seem to be more interested in scale than they do the property. Enough 3 3/4 collectors will buy them to get a few waves produced and maybe keep the brand somewhat alive in between movies.

  • ”What about a update to the 1987 G.I.Joe :The Movie”?-”Which shows what happen to Golobulus,Nemesis Enforcer,and everyone from Cobra La?”

  • Like you, I eagerly await Joe’s triumphant return. I’m just finally OK with him looking a little bigger.

    1/12th scale is a metastasizing cancer.

  • Vehicles and playsets are too big and too expensive at a larger scale. Hasbro rarely makes anything bigger than the Mobat anymore…… So big figures are nice but there won’t be anything else.

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