Hard Drive (2004)

There was a time when electronics didn’t have as large a presence on the battlefield. There was a time when radios were about as sophisticated as communications got for ground troops. It should have been no surprise that among the GI Joe team of the 80’s and 90’s, the computer specialist position was mainly filled by one man: Mainframe. While one could consider communications guys like Breaker and Dial Tone to be among the same kind of high tech field, I suppose it’s not really the same.

A new computer specialist was a natural for the 2000’s, with the spread of high technology in the armed forces. Sure, they could have just called this figure Mainframe, but I’m glad they didn’t. The team’s original computer tech specialist (and all around tough soldier and Marine) deserves a promotion. I like to think he oversees the new blood, making sure they stay in line. I say that because the file card has a quote from Hard Drive that says that combat is like a “boss battle” and he always has plenty of carbs, energy bars and soda on hand. You’ve got to be kidding me. Or as Beachhead might say, “Gamers in GI Joe! What’s happenin’ to this outfit?”

I’ll spare you all the details about how this figure is really short in stature, and the usual new sculpt era gripes. Actually, most of the issues of the time don’t really bother me, aside from the teeny tiny hands. I like the funky colors, the flip-up wrist computer is a nifty little addition, and the new backpack is a welcome change in an era that too often reused old RAH packs.

The body made another appearance in the DTC line as Med Alert, a new Joe medic. That’s ironic. First they try to replace Mainframe with this mold, then Lifeline. Finally, here’s an odd turn; I’d like to see this figure done in the vintage o-ring style. Why? Maybe it’s the colors, but I get a Battle Corps feel from it.



  • I have Med Alert but do want this guy too. I remember reading the Self-Modifier’s dio-story G.I. Joe and the Transformers comics, and in the second story, Hi-Tech and Hard Drive were paired together when the two were among a group of Joes transferred to Self-Modifier’s version of RAAT (an anti-robot unit from Marvel’s Transformers run).

  • I never saw most of the VvV stuff down here. Spytroops tanked so badly most shops didnt restock it when it finally sold. I think Hard drive is one of the better figures from it though. Always good to have new characters

  • You’re right, I think this guy would have turned out better during the Battle Corps era. I have Med Alert and he is okay but he also looks better suited for the vintage line’s later years.

  • I always saw David Krumholtz playing Hard Drive in a live action Joe movie. I dig this character.

  • Nice colors, a cool add to my computer specialists!

  • The hard hat/armored cap is a strange option, but I agree that he’d be a good character for a remake.

  • He looks like a cable repair guy.

  • He looks like Brent Spiner.

  • I would have bought this figure in 1994. But since I got dial tone I kind of did. This guy was one of the last new sculpt figs I got before giving up on the line. He had potential but the new style was just not feeling like joe as much as some knock off toy line.

  • “Teeny tiny hands.” And teeny tiny feet. And a teeny tiny head. Let’s save ourselves the trouble and just admit his torso is way too big.

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