GI Joe Survival Beverage (2000)

GI Joe Survival BeverageWhat sort of non action figure product did Hasbro license out during the years between the Real American Hero years and the small Joes relaunch? How about horribly sugary and absolutely unhealthy drink snacks? Yeah, thanks for the diabetes, guys.

Is this the stuff Outback drinks when he’s out in the wilderness? I’m sorry, he most likely drinks water. But hey, the ingredients list does show water (filtered!) first, so it can’t be all bad. Oops, high fructose corn syrup is second, so never mind. Of course, we didn’t know what that was back then, did we?

I don’t know what other flavors, if any, this stuff came in, but I’m fairly certain it probably tasted like sticky sweet bilgewater from the lowest depths of a Cobra Moray back when it was new. Who would drink this, anyway? Wait, it’s grape, so the Joes probably had to be careful that the Dreadnoks didn’t break into the Pit and steal a pallet of the stuff.
GI Joe Survival Beverage


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