GI Joe Jelly Beans and Tin

What did the Easter Bunny bring you this year? A sealed case of 1984 carded figures? A sealed contents USS Flagg? Perhaps some rare pre-production art? No? Me neither.

Maybe you ended up like me, with a house full of hyped-up kids on a sugar rush after a day of downing handfuls of chocolate and jelly beans. Oh yeah, and also the annoying plastic grass that ends up all over the house.

To top it all off, no one here thought to get me some of these nifty jelly bean tins that showed up recently. Oh well, the jelly beans probably tasted awful anyway. But hey, the tins look cool, especially if you have a thing for 90s Joes. I believe the sets appeared at Cracker Barrel restaurants around my part of the world. I didn’t pick any up myself, but I sure like the eclectic mix of graphics that were used. They’re definitely different from what we’ve seen lately, although the text and some of the inside text images resemble the cups that materialized at WalMart last year.

The classic RAM package art is always nice to see on GI Joe product, but the other two tins are what amaze me. First, there’s Cobra Commander, who is a natural for ancillary product that represents Cobra. What’s unexpected is the package art from the Talking Battle Commanders figure. Another, even better example of 90s GI Joe love is the Duke tin, which pulls art from the Electronic Battle Gear set. Amazing.

Jelly Beans 1

Jelly Beans 2



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