GI Joe in 1988 Eaton’s Catalog

I don’t even remember where or when I found this scan of an Eaton’s catalog GI Joe page (apologies if anyone knows where it originated) but I’m in love with the basic but dramatic lighting effects. Often these dio shots feature realistic skies to match the terrain, but this setup goes for a more evocative tone.

There’s also some craziness going on with the figure setup. From Windmill in the midst of abandoning his Skystorm to Armadillo being crushed by the Rolling Thunder’s canopy, the Joes look to be having a very weird day. Also check out Sneak Peek and Fast Draw having a seat next to an advancing DEMON. And waaay in the background (based on the size of it versus other toys) the Phantom X-19 appears to be augering into the ground. To further complicate things, Road Pig and a Hydro Viper have made their way onto the Rolling Thunder. Talk about a bad day to shoot an ad! At least the sky looks pretty.


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