GI Joe Hawk (2008)

Hawk’s 1986 redesign was one of my favorite figures as a kid, edging out other greats from 1986. I suppose I liked him based on his comic appearances, despite the fact that the action figure didn’t resemble the comic Hawk in hair color. Not a huge deal to me as a kid, because I was also a cartoon fan. Yes, it is possible to be a fan of both the Marvel comic and the Sunbow cartoon. The two media are distinct, each with its own merits. Combined with the mythos created by the file cards, there were three separate continuities running during the 80s and 90s era of GI Joe. Pretty amazing.

Many times, the single pack 25th anniversary figures failed to deliver on the concept of improved, modern versions of the Real American Hero era. This Hawk delivers on almost all counts. From the detailed recreation of his bomber jacket, with its finely sculpted elements that just weren’t possible to produce in 1986, to a more comic accurate helmet, Hawk just looks right. One of the qualms I have is with the head sculpt, which although wonderfully modeled, looks a little too young through the face. He does have a nice comic style flattop. The left hand, which can’t really hold anything, is problematic, and the elbow joints are some of the least poseable of the time. A bit of trimming at the joint can loosen things up, however.

Hawk was repainted the next year in the second GI Joe five pack, which greatly improved some other key characters. The Joes’ commanding officer didn’t fare too well in that set, getting a simple repaint that paled (literally–check out his skin tone) in comparison to the single pack version. I hope I didn’t come off as being too hard on this figure. It just could use a couple little touches to make it perfect. Speaking of which, I’m off to give General Hawk the blonde hair he’s always needed.


  • I once saw a simple gear swap that made this figure more accurate, color-wise, to the original–the guy simply swapped holsters and belts between this figure and the 5-Pack version.

  • I’m not too keen on the face sculpt. He looks too young to be a general.
    Also i dont like figures who have their real names printed on their uniforms. They have code names to protect their families.

    For the character. Hawk is my prefered leader of the team and it annoys me greatly how so many others think that Duke was always the leader. I’m so sick of Duke. Duke and Snake eyes are doing to the Joe brand to what Bumblebee and Optimus are doing to Transformers. Overuse of the same character kills interest [except for Batman]

    For the sunbow cartoon. I’m one of the few who thinks season two surpassed season 1. Hawk was such a better leader than Duke. Hawk was always one step ahead of Serpentor. [But in my opinion a lump of sawdust can outsmart Serpentor]. Especially when Hawk came to the rescue in The most dangerous thing” when he realised that under no circumstances did Dialtone, Lifeline and Shipwreck should have been promoted to colonel. Especially when Shipwreck is in the navy and doesnt use that rank

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    Paint the hair blonde and this would actually be a good head sculpt for Duke. I agree that the head is way too young for Hawk, though. Great looking figure aside from that.

    Too bad Keel-Haul was never in the Joe cartoon. The dude outranks every other Joe from the timeframe and has his own personal style and flair. The Flagg might be an aircraft carrier, but you know Keel-Haul was using that to sail the seas and cruise for ass. A true sailor.

  • I did some experimenting and swapped heads with the comic two pack version that came with Scarlett. Any Duke head is also a good bet, but the Matt Trakker head in particular gives him the sharpest look. Of course, you can just take some extra time and repaint his actual head if you’re fine with it.

  • @Clutch
    I’ve noticed you havnt replied to any of my coments recently. I’m not sure if i’m overblowing it like kids these days and Facebook fiasco’s. But if i’ve offended you, i’m really, really sorry

  • His isn’t a bad modern Hawk but his shortcomings keep him from living up to the original he’s based on.

  • Hawk is the man!

    Still, in some ways I would like to see Hawk retired. I would not want to “kill” him off, not unlike Flagg, but, he seems like a character that would not just give in to a retirement.

    I don’t know, maybe he would. Retire like Joe Colton and then keep coming back like he’s full-over-time on the job.

    I wasn’t happy with the infiltration of the Jugglers bit, nor was the paralyzed portrayal.

    Perhaps both Colton and Abernathy could take on one final mission……, but who would lead after?

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