GI Joe Hawk (2008 Senior Ranking Officers)

How about a really non-descript Hawk that sort of harks back to his original 1982 figure? Released as part of the more miss than hit series of Toys R Us three packs titled Senior Ranking Officers, Hawk is an oddly plain mish-mash that just sort of…exists. That’s about all I can say for it. That and he’s wearing green and a clear visor. Guess he decided to go retro. Speaking of which, isn’t that an Army colonel insignia on the helmet? Should this be a Colonel Hawk figure then? Hey, that would have been a neat throwback. Throw in a couple of silver pockets and the look would be complete.

This Hawk doesn’t inspire either ranting or raving. In fact, until I had made my usual rummage for new blog subjects, I had become unaware of his existence, much less his presence in my collection. Sorry, General (or Colonel) Hawk.


  • Yeah, I missed those TRUs packs as well. He looks okay and the colonel insignia is a great touch. If I knew the helmet and visor would stay on, I’d get him. Always liked Hawk better in the early days when he was a colonel and nobody else called the shots except him and Flagg.

  • I got that 3-pack when it was out, and I thought this was an odd duck–that, and the odd construction of the Grunt figure. I do plan to get an extra one of these Hawks to give the helmet to an extra 2004 Comic Pack Hawk.

  • Acer:

    I do plan to get an extra one of these Hawks to give the helmet to an extra 2004 Comic Pack Hawk.

    Now that’s a great idea!

  • The original 13 were ill-served during the 25th line. Steeler, Grunt, and Short-Fuze were mashed together with out much thought or care,looking little like their vintage versions. The use of the Cobra Trooper arms was just plain laziness. The comic pack version of Hawk was decent, though.

  • That helmet is 100% Colonel Courage approved!

  • Something wrong when an official figure looks like a bad custom.

  • Nega, you gave me the laugh of the day.

  • Gotta love any figure so slapdashly put together that a uniform colour scheme is screwed up.

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