General (Red Lasers Army)

Hawk is one of those first series 1980s figures that I hoped would get a revisit in his original garb. The 2000s comic packs gave us the (then Colonel ranked) interpretation of the Marvel version of the Joe team field commander. The comic Hawk featured a newly sculpted head. The result was an appropriately comic book colored affair, albeit with a bit of an undersized noggin. Reading back through early issues of the Marvel run, I was drawn to Hawk’s brief appearance in a black shirt. I bought several comic packs on clearance with the thought of someday making a custom of this outfit.

Thankfully I don’t have to try. Custom figure producer Red Lasers Army has filled in that gap with its General figure, first released at the 2017 JoeCon. Created from a combination of “original 13” and later parts, Hawk can now hang at HQ or lead briefings in this fashionable variant ensemble. Black is the new OD green.

The top half utilizes the 1983 torso and waist. The legs come from Airborne/Scrap-Iron. The combination is unique, and although the kneepads don’t reflect the original figure’s look, the realistic boots look much better than the futuristic styled footwear of the 1982 Joes. Overall, the streamlined ’83 parts work well together.

The head appears a bit pinched horizontally, and doesn’t perfectly resemble the 1980s Hawk/Flash/Short-Fuze head. However it’s good enough to pass muster, and one can always swap out a vintage or comic pack head.

Troop builder figures have long been the basis of the vintage styled Joe recreations/customs, and custom makers continue to turn out interesting variations. I’m very impressed by this direction of individual characters within the movement. I look forward to seeing more.


  • This is one of the coolest offerings by any of the factory custom guys, yet. It doesn’t have the cachet of army builders. But, it fills a huge gap and gives Hawk a look more befitting his status.

  • Don’t put that pistol in his hands! The thumb already looks like it’s cracking. 🙁 The figure is great, just a little brittle. The deco is cool, and it’s nice to get the Airborne legs in green. I don’t see this figure becoming my go-to look for Hawk, but I like it.

  • I love this figure, it’s my favorite of all the new Red Laser offerings. And it’s one of my favorite figures of Hawk. This is not a version of him I’d ever have expected to get a figure of but I’m sure glad someone thought to make it.

  • I love these figures but they’re extremely fragile and the weapons do not fit hands at all

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