General Hawk (1993)

General Hawk returned to the pegs in 1991, and his look was one of the most significant departures from established lore. After all, he was first an artillery colonel, then a field equipped general. Neither too out of the ordinary. ’91 saw him adopt a full-on Rocketman-like flightsuit and jet pack. Yikes! Never one to ride a desk, Hawk was now seriously in the thick of the action. The guy even had missiles just inches from his elbows. How is it again that the higher-ups let an officer investment strap a jet to his butt?

Speaking of which, for the 1993 mail-in, Hawk upgraded to a sonic fighters jet pack, a monstrosity first offered with Major Bludd. The thing is unwieldy as heck, and to be honest I prefer to equip this figure with the 1991 pack. If only the thing was available in neon green or yellow, but I suppose grey is acceptable. Regardless, if you need a field General for your neon nineties forces, this Hawk is the way to go.


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