Firebomb (1997 Bronze Bombers)

The Bronze Bombers vs. Pyros saga continues with Firebomb, the Arsonistic Warlord, part of Olmec Toys’ 1997 series featuring figures based on GI Joe driver molds.

The file card describes a fairly generic villain type, who started on his criminal career by holding up a liquor store at the age of 21. He held up the store at 11:59pm on New Year’s Eve and held the owner hostage until the new year began. Wait–that means he took a hostage for one minute. Sounds like the writer wanted to make the story sound bad-ass but didn’t take time to do the math. Anyway, with pointlessly short hostage situations under his belt, Firebomb now organizes bank heists and blows up Fortune 500 businesses. Does that mean he attacks individual Wal-Marts and Exxon stations, or actually goes after corporate headquarters? These are the kinds of questions that keep me up at night.

The figure is based on the 1988 Secto-Viper, the driver of the Cobra BUGG, an amphibious vehicle. The bubble domed head works for a character who spends his time burning things, although one would think an arsonist would leave before the fire became dangerous enough to need a suit for protection. Maybe he’s the extra careful type. The two toned orange does fit the character’s firestarter concept, and along with the domed head, gives me the impression of an incendiary version of DC Comics’ Mr. Freeze.

Like fellow Pyro member Crazeblaze, the use of a little-seen mold and a decent recolor make this figure one that can easily stand alongside the official Joe line.


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