Father’s Day Flashback

See what I did there?

Anyway, today’s thoughts about Father’s Day take me back to the first carded GI Joe figure that I got back in the 80s. My Dad and I made many trips to Montgomery Ward back when I was a little guy, mainly to buy paint for the house or tires for the car. Fortunately for a kid, both of those departments were adjacent to the Toy Department, and I could readily wander over to peruse the aisles while Dad did his Dad business. The result in 1983 was discovery of the latest GI Joes, including figures like Torpedo and Doc. Also on the pegs was a straight-armed Flash, left over from the year one offerings. After a bit of deliberation, I picked up Flash. I was hooked on Joe. The rest is history. Thanks Dad, for all the trips to the toy department. I wouldn’t be where I am (in so many ways) without you.



  • I have my Late Father to thank for my love of Joe too. He brought me my first Action Force figures in 1982. Without that I’d never have begun to learn about Joe, its connection to Action Man and the miriad international licencees…Thanks Dad…

  • My Dad got me my first Duke. He bought me version 3 from the local toy store in ’92. Later that day, I got the impression he bought it for himself as he wouldn’t let me play with it.

  • In the early years, my dad helped me understand what the roles of all the characters were (I didn’t follow all of the filecard military jargon). We didn’t really play together, but he tolerated me setting them up on the coffee table. His fascination with the military probably fueled my love of GIJoe even more.

  • My Dad’s contribution was getting me started on Action Figures in general when I was 4. Eventually, it became Joes and only Joes. But, it was my father’s model railroading hobby that really helped me develop the tendencies of a collector. Though, I don’t know if I should praise him or crucify him for passing those traits to me! 🙂

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