Enemy Leader (Demon Enemy, et al.)

Feast your eyes upon the gloriousness that is Enemy Leader, a part of also-ran American (and National) Defense’s Demon Enemy line, and also released in the similarly packaged Commando Ranger (and Demon Ranger) line as “The Killer.” Whatever moniker you choose, isn’t this the most beautifully realized four inches of plastic that have ever been popped out of a steel mold? I had always considered 1984 Storm Shadow to encapsulate the perfect action figure, a sublime blend of subject matter and effective execution of toy design. Then I saw this guy.

It’s like my eyes have been opened to new possibilities of paint and construction, where the boldness of a designer can tell them it’s all right to paint a molded shirt and pants as bare skin. Where it’s all right to outfit a child’s toy in an approximation of S & M gear.

I suppose I could go on and on about this figure, but I think the pictures speak for themselves. I will say that if pure evil was ever personified in plastic, this is it.


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