Enemy Jet Glider (Geewunner.com)

Enemy Jet Glider (Geewunner.com)It’s time for another Geewunner.com custom build. Continuing with the brilliant brick builder’s 80s GI Joe homages, it’s the Enemy Jet Glider. The one-man Cobra attack glider, first made famous by Storm Shadow in Marvel issue #21, is always a fan favorite. It cuts a very familiar outline for 80s toy fans, and that shape is accurately portrayed here. The fact that these brick creations are instantly recognizable is a testament to the fantastic design of the original toys.

Once again, this build is much more faithful to the original than Hasbro’s own Kre-O attempt. That little afterthought of a vehicle is dwarfed in form and function by this version. Scale and detail are the hallmarks of a Geewunner custom, and the CLAW’s major shape and features are rendered with an economical use of parts. Dare I say that a Cobra machine of destruction has been made…cute?

The only missing feature that’s a bit disappointing is the original CLAW’s ability to be parked. I assume that the moveable landing gear was probably too intricate of a design to create at this small scale. Whatever the case, the vehicle still looks great, especially when there’s a certain white pajama-ed ninja minifig piloting it.

Enemy Jet Glider (Geewunner.com) Enemy Jet Glider (Geewunner.com) Enemy Jet Glider (Geewunner.com)



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