Earthquake (1992)

Ever thought about turning a clicky ball point pen into a missile? Well, Hasbro beat you to it in the 90’s with this vehicle’s main weapon. Check it out in the latest Joe A Day video review.


  • Sounds like you have a little Stormshadow in the background

    This vehicle is pretty nifty. Not only can Cobra commander use it to fix up the Baroness’s shrub [get your minds out of the gutter] but that scoop is thick enough to stop most anti armour shells.

    Patton wanted to give a medel to the man who came up with the idea of fixing a dozer scoop to Shermans but he wasnt able to as nobody knew who he was

    Any chance of getting a crossover repaint as Scrapper?

  • All right, sorry if this turns into a double post, but I tried to comment and it apparently timed out.

    I think my favorite comment about this vehicle came from Tim’s Corner’s diostories. I believe it was this vehicle he had get destroyed in a massive explosion and Cobra Commander quietly asked “Did it leave a neon crater?” It’s been a long time since I’ve hit Tim’s Corner and it’s no longer on the Interwebs, so I can’t double check, but it’s an apt question about this vehicle. In all seriousness, this is a neat addition to the Cobra motorpool. I think the only reason I wasn’t terribly interested in it was because it didn’t come with a driver. When Hasbro started cutting down on the number of vehicle drivers, I really lost interest in vehicles. The specialized driver was something that was an added value that I liked as a kid and if a vehicle didn’t have a driver in the later years, I really wasn’t terribly impressed with it anymore.

  • I couldn’t see the vid,but I own one of these,any one have an extra scoop for sale or trade? This vehicle would look great painted Cobra blue and manned by Techno-Vipers…

  • That was a cute review, Rob. Out of the mouth of babes… If Will approves of it, I can overlook the neon plastic and paper stickers.

    I remember seeing the Earthquake on the shelves and wondering if someone at Hasbro had gotten around to some of my own designs which I sent them around 1988. They featured a bunch of rescue and construction vehicles. The Earthquake fits that particular bill rather nicely as I envisioned it: Think of Cobra as having their own version of the The Fighting Seabees. Heck, the Joes had stuff like the Weapons Transport and the Bomb Disposal, so there’s even a precedent right there.

    The articulation is a cool bonus, as is the added canopy. I’m looking at the blueprints on and it looks like it’s a two-seater. Nice! I gotta place this on my want list now.

    @Skymate: That is a great bit of trivia about Patton that I’d never heard about. Thanks for sharing it.

    @KansasBrawler: I remember Tim from the old USENET days. His site was cool and that line about a neon crater is pretty clever.

    @troublemagnet: I agree, this would rock in the traditional Cobra colors and is perfectly suited as the Techno-Vipers’ main ride. I hope Hasbro still has the molds so they can reissue it somehow.

  • Terrific, bad, useless vehicle…

  • Is this it?

    If so, then the site survives. If the link doesn’t go there directly, just put the timscorner web address into the Internet Wayback Machine, pick a date and try to work your way to the diorama stories.

  • Thanks Little Boa, that’s exactly what I was looking for. I’m glad to see it still survives in some respect. I think his dio-stories were some of the first I started reading back in the day and the work he did was really impressive both script-wise and image-wise considering his stuff is from the early 2000s and it still really holds up.

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