Duke (2008 DVD Battles)

Okay folks, it’s Indepedence Day in the US, and this post is as close as I get to a day off. Since covering a Captain America figure would strain the premise of the blog, I found a Joe with an American flag. Good enough.

How many Joes over the years have been depicted in mid-scream? Not enough as far as I’m concerned. I thought Jetpack Duke or DVD Battles Duke weren’t colorful enough, so here are some alternate names for the figure:

Screaming Duke
Yelling Duke
Hollerin’ Duke
Caterwauling Duke
Downright Miffed Duke
Selena Left Me for the Hooded Executioner Duke
Scarlett Left Me for Snake Eyes Duke (Sunbow Only)
Just Saw Doc in His Asbestos Underwear Duke
Highly Cheesed Off Duke
Got the Beans Above the Frank Duke
Just Got a Charleyhorse Duke
More Than a Little PO’ed Duke
Conniption Fit Duke
Stuck Pig Duke
Gargling Duke
Visible Uvula Duke
Last Time I Saw a Mouth Like That it had a Hook in it Duke
Jetpack Harness is Riding Up on Me Duke

Got a few yourself? Let’s hear ’em in the comments!



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