Dragonsky (2005)

I’ve often wondered why Dragonsky is such a favorite among fans of the Oktober Guard. Is it because of his specialty? Is it because he looks so different from his teammates? Is it because his name is a really bad pun?

This Dragonsky, part of the 2005 convention attendee exclusives, definitely looks different. I’m a fan of the figure thanks to its incoporation of parts from two of my favorite 90’s molds, Star Brigade Duke and Mega Marines Blast-Off. Foregoing the use of more obvious or well known parts is a hallmark of good customizing, and also makes for a figure that looks brand new. It’s good to see the club getting it right from a customizer’s point of view. The redeco paint scheme is one of the most attractive that the collectors club has produced. Titled Urban Rain, the strikingly lined grey and black camo is something entirely new for a 3 & 3/4 inch Joe figure. I think the smaller scale of the pattern really stands out as well, since we’re accustomed to seeing patterns in larger swaths and amorphous shapes.

The inclusion of a helmet is a big bonus, and something that OG fans always seem to want with a Dragonsky figure. Again, using a lesser known source for the helmet (and one that was originally cast in bright red) gives the figure a distinctive look.

I won’t belabor the point of asking why the GI Joe line has so many flamethrower troops, but I suppose it may be that a flaming weapon just makes good toy sense. Maybe fire playtests well with young boys (and grown collectors).


  • Greatest con figure ever released. This guy is nearly perfect and the final piece of the Oktober Guard.

  • “Foregoing the use of more obvious or well known parts is a hallmark of good customizing, and also makes for a figure that looks brand new.”

    That is an excellent point and the reason that makes or breaks a great figure.

    I think Dragonsky is popular with fans because Larry Hama kept him around after killing off most of the original Oktober Guard. He’s been portrayed as tough, yet likeable in his few Marvel comic appearances. Also, the helmet is a must going back to his debut in the second Yearbook, courtesy of the great Michael Golden.

    It’s a shame that Hasbro hasn’t used this unique Urban Rain camo at retail because it really does help sell the figure. Con exclusives are neat, but a lot of fans and collectors miss out on gems such as these.

  • That’s some really classy camo! Cool figure!

  • Great, another figure you’ve made me want to track down. Thanks a lot! 😉 This is an excellent parts combo, and even if he were all in grey it’d be cool. The camo makes it even better.

  • Because dudes that shoot fire are awesome! Just look at Ice Cream Soldier! Or don’t!!

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