Dr. Mindbender (1986)

What is it that causes a madman with aspirations of ultimate power to also dress up like a complete snickerdoodle? Nobody brings together so many mad scientist elements like addle-brained former orthodontist Dr. Mindbender. Let’s see, shirtless–check; bald–check; monocle–check; mustache–check; cape–check; purple pants and jackboots–check and check.

Joining the likes of mustache champions Mutt, Gung Ho and Wild Bill, his ‘stache surpasses the legendary fullness of Burt Reynolds and passes into the realm of the legendary 19th century handlebar. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on weekends with a Civil War reenactment group acting out the Battle of Antietam.

All kidding aside, in an organization whose upper echelon was not exactly known for subtlety, Dr. Mindbender fit right in. In the end, he was a character whose look fit his personality. It’s an element that I love about the classic Joe toy line, cartoon and comic and one I find lacking in modern grim and gritty styles.


  • Mindy’s choice of wardrobe did leave a lot to be desired but the character quickly grew on me. This, despite the fact that the Cobra hierarchy now had more members than the Mormon Tabernacle Choir by this point in time. Still, Mindy has been killed off twice in rather gruesome manners only to later return in full form. So he’s definitely got that Kojak mojo going for him. A great character and one cool figure in my book.

  • One of my all time favorite figures and characters!! I still have mine! Cobra!!!!

  • Always a cool character, but that figure did nothing for me. I prefer the 93 version personally

  • The figure was designed as a torturer not a mad scientist, Hama talked Hasbro out of the torture aspect, fearing human rights groups would have a fit, like with Zartan’s file card and mental health groups. Since he was made to be an interrogator, this explains his musculature and the cattle prod.

    THe orthodontist part was probably inspired by the movie from Marathon Man, where Laurence Olivier appears as former Nazi concentration camp dentist.

  • One of my all time favourite figures and characters in Cobra. I sometimes miss my ARAH era version…ho hum. Anyhow, I have the Defence of Cobra Island version and if you source the classic generator, hose and pistol from the original version and add it to the new sculpt version he looks really cool. His wacky shirtless look, while bizarre just works as he’s a Cobra Leader. The second ‘silent’ issue of the Marvel Comic where Scarlett and Storm Shadow infiltrate The Cobra Consulate in New York really had me pegged as a Mindbender fan after the greaty artwork in that issue with his tall jackboots and sleeveless jacket / cape all flowing as he strode into view.
    Sean C’s comment finally gives reason behind such design madness too, the traditional ‘Interrogator / Torturer’ look sans shirt. Also, he became such a pivotal character in that he’s the one who created Serpentor another love or hate character (another fave of mine) who split fan opinion right down the line over who leads Cobra. Mind you, it would be cool to see a new scullpt of the Battle Corps version perhaps in the 1986 Mindbender’s colours – black shirt, silver highlights to his gear and headpiece AND purple pants….

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